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If the Lord is calling you into full-time missions, and if you are passionate about using your gifts and experience to build godly leaders in South Africa, we are looking for missionaries to serve in the following areas.

• Business Management and Administration
• Ignite Event Coordinator
• Creative needs: Website Development, Social Media, Book Illustration, Videography, Photography
• Communications needs: Researcher and writer for curriculum,  correspondence, grant writer

When considering missionary candidates, Ignite looks for the following qualifications.


A strong sense of calling is critical to success in the mission field. Ignite missionaries are confident of their calling into missions, and passionate about reaching South Africa for Christ. People often ask “how can I be sure of my calling?” We believe that calling is made sure through a personal relationship with Christ and confirmation from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. It is also affirmed by other godly leaders within a person’s life, and lived out in practical ways.


Ignite missionaries are not perfect, but we are committed to reflecting Christ in who we are, how we interact, and how we operate. We look for people with this same commitment – people who love and rely on God, demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit, exhibit grace under pressure, walk in humility, and have teachable and serving hearts.


Ignite is looking for missionaries who have prepared for the mission field. Some missions or ministry experience is preferred. Leadership and business-related skills are also considered in determining fit within a given area. We also consider education and training, health, and interpersonal skills.


Great teams also have great chemistry – they “click”, they get along, they work together well. To determine if Ignite is the right fit for you, we include a 2-month staff trial as part of our recruitment process. We find it’s a great way to get to know each other, experience the ministry first-hand, and get a taste of living in South Africa before making a long-term commitment.


Ignite missionaries are endorsed by their home church which provides spiritual covering and prayer support. Such covering is key to ensure a missionary’s spiritual and emotional well-being, as well as accountability. In addition, Ignite missionaries are self-funded, which means they have an established team of financial partners. If charitable contributions cannot be processed through the missionary’s home church, Ignite can assist with finding a sending organization. Ignite does not handle charitable contributions for its missionaries.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

To apply for one of these opportunities, please download the Missionary Staff Application and once complete, email it to