Today is the second week of a bit of unrest here in South Africa.

Last week Tuesday the strike started with roads being blocked, schools closed, and shops locked. We had hoped the end was near however just discovered today that it is continuing indefinitely.
We could use your prayer support…

The reason for the strike is multi-faceted but the request is that the Mayor V. Tshabalala step down.

He has been accused of many things including misappropriation of funds which has led to services having slowed or stopped in many areas.  Additionally,  residents in Qwa Qwa find themselves without essentials such as water and electricity.

The situation is desperate and word is that schools, nor work, will be resumed until he steps out of office. Which to date, he has refused to do.

In addition, at this moment a committee is in session to determine whether President Zuma will be asked to step down. If he refuses again (he has twice so far) the matter will then go to Parliament.

In all of this uncertainty I can assure you we are safe.

We are taking precautions. Which means our Flashpoint classes, Workshops, Life meetings and ministry events have been put on hold temporarily until life settles.

We pray that will be this very week. Will you join us?




Imagine this…

as a child of 11 or 12 years you are playing with friends when one notices that there is blood on your pants.  Home you run feeling confident that you are now dying. You stop before your mom who quietly states, “you are a woman now. Do not sleep with boys or you will be pregnant. Go and clean yourself up and use this cloth to protect your pants.”

That’s it. That’s all you get.

No explanation at all about what is happening in your body.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too-often occurrence for many girls within the villages of Qwa Qwa. Culturally parents do not discuss body changes feeling it far too personal. This leaves many youth alone when trying to understand, and care for, their body.

A principal in one of our schools identified that as a problem for his youth and asked we talk to the boys and girls separately prior to beginning our formal classes.

Our first class we did just that- divide the boys and girls. Our coaches talked about puberty including body changes and personal care for both males and females.

Due to a donation of reusable panty protection packs from Listowel Baptist Church in Canada, we were able to explain proper care and provide the means to over 50 girls.

In addition, we took that time to talk about sexual abuse, molestation, and respect toward the opposite sex. With National statistics reflecting 1 in 3 youth in SA have been sexually molested/raped we knew it was something we needed to discuss.

Once again, thank you to all our partners who make our work possible and practical!

Follow the links to see more photos from the day, learn more about Flashpoint, or become a partner.




It’s a new school year in South Africa and just like in the states, it brings with it a sense of  anticipation. The children await class dressed in their school uniforms exuding hope for a successful year.

It is an exciting time for all involved, including me.

Today I join our Flashpoint team to deliver our books and take photos on this first week of classes.  In the schools I see the joy experienced as the kids receive their book and hear about the topics to be discussed. It reminds me of “the whys”…

Why I live overseas, away from family.
Why we spend months developing our coaches to go into the schools.
Why we invite new schools to join our classes.
Why we invest money in preparation, curriculum, education, and ministry to the youth.

South Africa’s next generation leaders.

This first quarter Flashpoint will be in 7 schools teaching approximately 1,175 students grades 7-9. In addition, they will work with students one on one when requested and hold assemblies in schools not currently teaching. Follow this link to enjoy a few photos from the schools we were at today.

We invite you to partner with us in prayer:

  • our Coaches model Christ and lead by example.
  • youth will see and seek Truth over beliefs and expectations
  • recognize every choice made will determine their tomorrow, their future.
  • see the Coach as a safe refuge and are able to talk freely

To join us as a financial partner and impact this next generation, follow this link



I love new beginnings (and second chances) and believe starting a New Year encourages both of these.

After all, when else do we get permission to start over?  We are encouraged to look back at our accomplishments, consider the challenges and determine what we want to do differently.
Or not.

I think that is why I love starting a new year with a leadership retreat and all-staff meeting. Let’s face it, work can get tedious, the challenges overwhelming, and discouragment tries to creep in … especially when you work in a hurting world.

Therefore it’s important that we encourage each other regularly and what better starting place than the beginning of a New Year?
So here’s a peek at us:

We begin every meeting with prayer and worship (acappella style) followed by a teaching from God’s Word.  This year the teaching is titled “So What?”
Are you curious?

Then we take a “look back” at the previous year. This invites us to celebrate all God accomplished and revel in the truth that He desires and is pleased by our collaboration.  SO. COOL.

Next we review God’s promises, purpose, and mission for Ignite South Africa to remind and re-ignite the passion for our work. It begins to stir the gifts that God deposited within us to ensure we accomplish what lies before us in 2018.

Finally, we fill in our year planner to see the big picture of where we are heading. This also inspires us to prayerfully consider and write our goals and action items.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of planning something and finding it incomplete. God calls us to run our race which means – running and staying on the track.
To stay on the right track we need to be intentional = action items!

So, here’s to a year of intentional living.
Investing our time, energy, focus, and finances where we know they will increase.

Praying God’s blessings over you for a prosperous New Year!




We are so grateful to announce that in 2017 over 16,500 people were reached by our ministry!

Here’s what happened in our House of Refuge this year.

House of Refuge: community LIFE programs for females of all ages!

  • Our House mom is fully trained and prepared to receive new moms.
  • Our Maternity Home is fully furnished.
  • We completed registration for the Maternity Home with the Department of Social Development (this will allow us to take in children of all ages).  
    • Now we await final approval!
  • Our pregnancy helpline received many calls, 10 of which required counseling.
  • We received an ultrasound machine from Flutter for our Mobile Clinic and four of our staff were trained in ultrasounds. We  provided our first 10 ultrasounds to new moms.

A team from LIFE International led a second series of trainings for the leaders who volunteer with us.

  • Journey of a Lifegiver (JOL)
    • This level II training reviewed the challenges our volunteers encountered during our National led training. It also reinforced teachings and increased confidence for our team to expand this JOL training to new pastors and leaders in 2018!
  • Post abortive counseling
    • This level II training helped our volunteers who work with our crisis phone line problem solve calls and questions.

House of Refuge | Life Program

At the beginning of the year we received an ultrasound machine that was donated to us from Flutter.  

June, Amanda, Busisiwe and Aimee were able to receive training on the use of the machine, early detection of pregnancy and measuring for dates with volunteers allowing us time to “practice”.  

Additional training was done through a pregnancy center in Springs to observe and hone our skills so we are better able to interpret what we are seeing.

To date we have be able to perform 10 ultrasounds and it has been such a blessing to see the joy on the mother’s faces when they see their babies on the screen.

If you would like to partner with the House of Refuge programs click here, your support will help us to support and spread the message of life to more in 2018.



We are so grateful to announce that in 2017 over 16,500 people were reached by our ministry!

So much has happened this year that we’re going to highlight our impact over a few different blog posts.

Here’s what happened in our Enrich Bible School program this year.


Enrich Bible School and Discipleship (our adult discipleship class attended by many pastors as well as lay)

  • 8 Adult Bible classes held with 66 classes taken and a  92% pass rate
  • 4 graduated from the 2.5 year program
  • 3 1-day Pastoral workshops held  with average of 15 attendance.

Rev. Paul Maleke, Capstone Leadership Class


During the course of this class, I led a gathering for men in the church, but made it to focus on all men and not men of our church only. I wanted us to find a way to bridge a gap between men because our culture dictates that a man’s life should be on island (do life alone). Secondly I wanted old men to open a direct communication channel to us young men (to help us grow). Knowing how we live here in QwaQwa, I did not expect many people to show up but on the set day many men arrived.


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We are so grateful to announce that in 2017 over 16,500 people were reached by our ministry!

So much has happened this year that we’re going to highlight our impact over a few different blog posts.

Here’s what happened in our Flashpoint program this year.



Flashpoint is our youth program in the schools which teaches relevant biblically based curriculum.

This year our coaches:

  • Taught over 2500 students in our classrooms
  • Taught another 1,200 in our one day school assemblies
  • Total of over 3,700 students our coaches taught
  • 365 new decisions for Christ were made

In addition, 9 schools requested our help to meet/counsel their students, which meant 91 youth getting one on one sessions!

We also had 12 youth follow ups requiring intervention with Social workers etc.

To support our youth programs our management team held the following in the schools:

  •  4 Educator workshops = 58 people
  • 4 Parent meetings  =  487 people



This is from an Educator/Headmaster, Mr. TT Moloi

We as the SMT, SGB and Teachers of  Makong Intermediate School are highly impressed by the way programs of Ignite SA implemented in our School. The programs like this are highly required in Schools as they contribute a lot in instilling discipline among learners.

As for our school, the program has arrived at the right time when there was a crisis of  behavior of learners and teenage pregnancy. This serves as an eye opener to us as a school, that we need to collaborate with other organizations like this to bring back morale of good behavior among young generation.

For the sake of improvement we recommend that the program of Ignite SA be sustainable for at least 6 month in the School to ensure a complete development.

We are so encouraged by the results and feedback from our efforts in the Flashpoint program. Thank you for helping us ignite the youth of South Africa!

More 2017 results to come.

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Our Capstone Leadership class is the final class in our discipleship training series.  It provides a variety of opportunities for students to practically apply what they have been learning through oral presentations, journaling as well as creating a project that reaches out to their communities.  In addition, the leadership classes help students identify and grow in the different areas of ministry that God has called them.

Our 2017  Capstone class had this to say about what they learned:

God has helped me to know that as a leader I am called to equip, I am called to teach, called to lead by example and with integrity. – Lizzy Khoabane

In this class God has blessed me a lot for I learned even from the topics that we were given to present. The lesson of self care in ministry was important to me for I learned that God cares for us. Meaning He is not just caring about our spirituality but for both spiritual and physical as well. – Moeti Moloi

Each student had to determine local needs then design and implement a project that would impact their local community.  Here is what a couple of them had to share about their project:

During the course of this class, I led a gathering for Men in the church but made it to focus on all men and not men of our church only.  I wanted us to find a way to bridge a gap between men, because our culture dictates that a man live should be on island (alone). Secondly I wanted old men to open a direct communication channel to us young men. Knowing how we live here in Qwaqwa I did not expect many people but on the set day many men arrived! – Paul Maleke

 A testimony of my project to teenagers. The teenagers loved everything that we did and they wanted us to continue (past our scheduled date). The teaching was about living on purpose, and some of them knew some of things, and many didn’t understand a purpose for their life’s and I explain to them about purpose and they were encouraged. – Martha Moloi

As these students graduate we look forward to seeing how they will use their gifts, knowledge and skills to impact and change their communities.



I praise God for these six women who were released to join us for our 2017  She Leads event.  God used these leaders to minister in a variety of ways including Word, Prayer, and the Arts!

Just recently another testimony came forth as a leader shared how the sessions impacted her stating, “I believe this conference was just for me.”

The two day conference was held at two (very) different locations. It was exciting to see how the Holy Spirit shifted identical messages to meet the needs of the women present. Through the conference we saw women saved, baptized, set free and healed in a variety areas in their life specifically areas of abuse, bitterness and rejection.  I am grateful for our speakers who shared personal stories that ministered to the hearts.

Additionally, we were able to gift cosmetics to the attendees donated by @maccosmetics and personalized inspiration by @simplyrootedcalligraphy. It was such fun to see the ladies use their new products and share how special and beautiful it made them feel.

God used all things to touch the hearts of His daughters and we are grateful!

Follow these links to see photos of the events ERM, ERMd1 ,STd2

Special thanks to @j.leephotos who captured this event (and others) on camera for us.  We look forward to enjoying the photos and how they will transform our website in the future!



Congratulations to Malekitlane, our first place winner in the Creative Writing Competition.

Malekitlane’s essay is heartbreaking as she shares her story of abuse and subsequent lack of support/belief. As the #MeToo campaign exposed, the number of us reading it who will relate would be shocking.  Because of that, we are especially grateful to this young girl who chose to speak out again rather than continuing to live in the silence that permeates abuse and molestation throughout the world.

This time Malekitlane’s voice was heard. First by us and then we joined her to share it with her family once again.  Together we celebrate the restoration and forgiveness that was gifted to this family because of one 12 year old girl’s bravery in the midst of pain.  Here is her story:

First, I didn’t want to talk about the secret I have been hiding, and don’t want to talk, but I realise that I have to break the silence.

When I was ten years old, my uncle always ask me about one of my friends, Mary(alias), how old she is.  Anyway, I told him that Mary is still a child because I know that uncle like little kids.

On 5 September 2015 on Saturday I was about to go to the party at my cousin’s place.  When I was busy bathing he entered at my bedroom without knocking that I ask him what he want, he said “Can we play a bed game?”.  I ask him what kind of game is that a wrestling, a soccer or what?  He smiled and say “sex”.  I started to be afraid as I was naked I took my gown and run to the kitchen.  He locked the door then took off my gown and rape me.  I was very afraid to tell my mother and I decided to keep this inside and don’t tell anyone about it.

Then after raping me he forced me to steal my mother’s R100 so that he can go to the party with a new hair style and pocket money but I refuse to do that.  I started to think that he can kill me because he was just having few weeks at home after being bailed. (and) The thing is I have looked everywhere I can find, but nowhere money to be found.  He ask me not to tell anyone about that otherwise he is going to kill me or bury me alive.

Then I wear a full dress because I didn’t want to be raped again.  When I arrived there I pretend as if there is nothing happened then I make a song for my cousin.  When I see my uncle coming I started to have a sad face and he came closer to me and my friend and I started to have eyes full of tears through my cheeks.

Then one day I told my sister about what happened but she couldn’t believe my side of the story and she told my mom about what I have told her but my mom couldn’t believe it too.  They made a family meeting where by me and my uncle have to tell them the truth.  I told them everything but they didn’t believe me they just believed my uncle when he said he is innocent.  I told everyone at home that I won’t forgive my uncle and forget what he did to me. I told him that I hate him like a waste product and I really mean what I am saying.

On November 2016 I was awarded as 2nd position achievement learner in Miri Primary School.  I was not happy because my uncle did want to ruin my future.  These days uncle play as a happy family, I really hate to see that my own sister who was always supporting me she is now believing everyone except me.  And I wonder why my mom didn’t open a case for him.

Now, may God bless (my) uncle to see all success in life and I really want to thank Ignite people since they come in my life, my life has changed.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story Malekitlane, and allowing us to walk with you in your healing.