Thulo Mile is a Leader Coach, has graduated from all three of our thirteen week Discipleship courses, and is interning as a Discipleship class instructor. His faithfulness and obedience to God’s Word, has caused this young man to excel.

Here are a couple thoughts he had to share with us:

“What I love about working for Ignite is that I get a lot of time with God and I have started learning new things in life.  In teaching in the schools I learn more about how to approach other people and learners.

Ignite has really changed me spiritually, and now things are not the same as before.

What I love again is the time we spend in Friday meetings where we encourage each other through the Word of God.  The time we spend together is helping me to grow.” – Thulo Mile, FlashPoint Coach

Each of the Flashpoint Coaches mentors an average of 300 youth on a biweekly basis. When you partner with Thulo, or any of our other Flashpoint Coaches, you not only impact them and their family- you affect an entire generation!

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“One day I was at Mohale School.  When I entered the class there was a teacher in the room.  I greeted her and then she shared something with me about one of my students – that he had a problem with his heart and I should keep an eye on him because of it.

The teacher started to tell me that she believed that when I speak to the learners she knows that that boy will be healed.  I could see the faith she had in us as Ignite South Africa.  She also said she believed in our program that we bring to the learners of the school.

I was touched to hear what this teacher was saying.  Her words encouraged and motivated me a lot.  She asked me to pray for the learners before I go.  She used to help me in my class to calm the learners down when they were making noise.  But she also said that she believes the learners are changing because of us – behaving better, listening, being more respectful and obedient.

I thank God for the opportunity to teach young people, and for the words of encouragement that this teacher gave to me and also the faith that she has.” – Nnini Sibeko, FlashPoint Coach

Please join us in praying for Nnini as she equips young people to be godly leaders.

PS.  Above is a beautiful picture of Nnini graduating from one of our Bible Study Intensive classes.




As many know, packing for a trip can be a challenge.
You must take into consideration the duration of the visit, the climate, the type of events, and so on.

When it is dual focused to include work and holiday, oh the challenge to pack lightly!

Currently, June is in the final countdown and grappling with the various considerations and planning that comes along with even a temporary relocation to the States. She has been meeting with our program directors, finalizing work, graduating classes, scheduling visits with partners, and packing. . .

The dreaded packing.

Although the relocation is only for a couple of months in duration, files, computers, information, photos, and clothing all need to be packed.  While visits, transportation, SIM cards, and other necessities must be organized.

Relief however is promised the moment one enters the plane.

All anxiety falls away as the realization occurs that there is nothing you can do about the items left behind and tasks left undone. It is then that complete focus can be directed on what is to come and life enjoyed in it’s entirety once again!

So, if you know someone who is preparing for a trip, consider lifting them up in prayer and extending mercy as they struggle to “juggle” for a season!

Finally, if you would like to meet with June or have her share with your small group, church, or at any event- send her an email at june@ignitesouthafrica.org or join her at our annual Ignite Gala!

The Ignite Fundraising Gala will be held on September 13 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Invitations will be going out this week, please feel free to share our link when you see them.
The evening will include special music, a plated dinner, and a wealth of interesting items to bid on, in both a silent and live auction, including garden furniture, vacations, designer items, gift cards, dinners, and perhaps even a trip to South Africa.




“At Mamosa I saw God using me in an amazing way.  I was teaching the lesson in my class and the teacher was still in the classroom at her desk marking her books.  I thought that after she was done she would just go home so I kept busy teaching.

Soon I saw her taking out her cell phone and writing a message.  After that there were three other mothers/teachers entering at the door.  I didn’t know what to think, but I didn’t panic, I just continued to teach.  Then they sat down and paid attention to the class.  Whatever the learners did, they did as well.

I thank God so much because after class they were so happy, and they told me that they would like to come back to class again because they learned and enjoyed it a lot.

Now I know when I am teaching I’m not only teaching the learners, but I’m teaching their teachers as well.  I thank God for them now and always in my class.” – Malefu Mokoena, FlashPoint Coach



team table

One of the best uses of time, and resources, is to strengthen and build your team.

During our two days together TEAM was the focus.
Therefore, team-building activities, games, and close living quarters was the fabric woven throughout. Messages shared were of encouragement, overcoming dryness, returning to our first love, and the Ignite promise scriptures spoken to us when we first started, in Joshua 1: 8,9 and Isaiah 42: 6-9.

One of the big take-a-ways occurred our last day, as we climbed the Platberg mountain.

Many confessed they would never attempt to climb the mountain on their own, or if they were not “forced” to do so.  Others added they did not think they had the ability to make it to the top, felt too weak, non-physical, or unmotivated.

The truth is, on their own most would not have made it. Not only due to lack of trying, but also due to the difficulty and the temptation to give up when we are on our own. Yet together, our team encouraged each other through songs, words, a helping hand. Others blazed the trail, scouted for the clearest path, and waited when the distance between those fast, and slower paced, became too great.

As we all sat together at the top, we celebrated this task, that we were called to accomplished together, just as our God-gifted mission. We then looked around and noted the gifts to support, lead, encourage, and mentor within ourselves, and co-workers, recognizing God put us together for a purpose.

Here are a few of the comments and things learned:

It’s all about teamwork and unity– Thulo
I feel refreshed and alive again – Amanda
Teamwork = helping– Nnini
I feel mentally and spiritually refreshed- Thabang
It’s all about togetherness and relationship– Busisiwe
I pushed through to be here and was healed in the process- Malefu
Everything, even being a team, comes from God– Constance
Unity is power. I was healed from our sharing/talking- Wendy
With communication, support, love, and work, we can do so much more together– Sibongile

While we used our mid-year break to come together as a team, God used it to accomplish His purpose, making us stronger and building our confidence in Him, and each other. He has enlarged our hearts for each other, and our work – always exceeding our expectation!

Although you were unable to join us on retreat due to distance, you are just as much a part of us, and we praise God for you daily.  If you want to join us in person, or resources, follow the links to learn more!

Finally, follow this link to check out our photos




Earlier this year we challenged our FlashPoint students once again to express themselves through a Creative Writing Competition.  Students were encouraged to share stories about their lives, living with a life-threatening disease, or how Ignite has impacted them.  Essays are due in 2 weeks and we are excited for the five schools that have turned them in thus far.  Please join us in praying for the remaining participants as they put on their finishing touches.  And stay tuned as we share the top essays and celebration awards later this year.

Earlier this year we also challenged our Impact leaders to conduct health fairs in their schools as a way of putting into practice all they’ve been learning about health, HIV/AIDs, teamwork and leadership.  This Friday, Busisiwe has the privilege of attending a health fair at Rantsane High SchoolPlease join us in praying for the students, that the health fair be a fun learning experience for all who attend.

And with students writing their mid-term exams and then off for winter break, our FlashPoint coaches will be using their time away from teaching wisely.  First, they will be working together to learn the second term curriculum and plan their teaching strategies.  We’ll also be spending 2 days together for an Ignite retreat.  We’re looking forward to spending time in worship and in God’s Word, as well as playing, team building and having fun!  Please pray for our time together, that it is as spiritually refreshing as it is fun.




We would like to extend a special thank you to all who helped us end 2013 strong. We were able to complete an incredible year well, and we are so grateful.

January begins our new ministry calendar and we are off and running. . .

  • June has secured new office space in Qwa Qwa for all ministry events and resumed teaching the Discipleship training class that went on holiday break.
  • Amanda is preparing our data that will be completed in the schools and setting up employee tracking records.
  • Jill  started teaching a new weekly Foundations class and has been busy making certain all our employee contracts are in order, reviewed, and signed.
  • Pastor Abram is planning the first workshop on Tuesday having determined the topic and assigned sessions.  Now he is connecting with those in our pastoral network to extend invitations.
  • Busisiwe is confirming  new schools that are joining our bi-weekly classes, scheduling assemblies that will begin next week and confirming class assignments for coaches.
  • Thabang is diligently learning his new role and correcting the coaches curriculum tests to ensure our teachers are competent.

Here’s how YOU can help.

January is our most expensive month of the year as we purchase new uniforms and teaching supplies for our coaches. Additionally, we have one time expenses as we move and settle  into the new office space.

We need your help, would you consider giving a one time gift or become a monthly partner?

Our monthly budget is  $10,000 (depending on exchange rate)
January we have an additional $1000 for our one time expenses as described above therefore all gifts are a blessing to help achieve our goals.

As you partner with us you will be sowing into God’s Kingdom work in South Africa which also  supports 21 national staff and funds our ministry programs.  Ignite South Africa, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States as well as a NPO/PBO in South Africa.





On November 11th our FlashPoint coaches visited a home for the elderly to minister to and encourage those living there.  Busisiwe shared how thankful she was for the opportunity to bless and be blessed in return.

“We started with singing songs that we knew they would enjoy, and they enjoyed them very much. After that we opened with prayer and Moeti encouraged them with the Word of God.

Next we performed a dance to the song “I Am Not Forgotten” and I told them why we chose the dance; that it is because God didn’t forget their names and He still loves them and He is strength to the weak.  They loved the dance.

They also loved the drama because after that some of them told us that they really enjoyed seeing a drama live.  We also did traditional dance and one of the grandmothers joined in the dance with us. It was wonderful!  After that we played soccer with them and did fun songs.

There were people in wheelchairs, and one lady who was in a wheelchair was dancing in it.  When I looked at her and saw she was enjoying herself it touched me so much to see her enjoying herself like that.

I thank God so much for using us in such a way of making old people happy, realizing that we love and care for them because God loves and cares for them.

I also thank God for the coaches because they did their best to give them love. The day was great!  The social worker thanked us and invited us again for next year.”

Please join us in praying for those in our local elderly home, that they experience God’s great love, care and provision.




Our coaches and leadership team are sure excited about our year-end outing next week!

The team will be going to Little Switzerland, a beautiful lodge nestled into the hills and valleys of the Drakensberg Mountains.  What better way to celebrate a year of hard work, God’s provision, and incredible accomplishments because of Him?

While there the team will enjoy team-building, games, swimming, horseback riding, and just kicking back.  They’ll also spend time sharing testimonies and highlights from the year.

We look forward to sharing pictures with you, especially from the horseback riding since it’s a first time for most.  We also look forward to sharing our year-end review in the weeks to come.

Thank you for the prayers and support that made this incredible year possible! 

Please join us in praying for safe travels for our outing.  Please also pray for our coaches over the holidays – for rest, for God’s provision, and for health and safety for their families. 



blog god is

Mondays are the day our leadership team meets together, plans, and prepares for each area of ministry. For that reason we have always set aside time in the early morning to pray.

This season we recognized our need to expand.
Expand in time, in quality, and to invite others to join us because…

it’s not our plans we desire to advance, it’s the Lord’s.

So, every Monday we begin each week with an hour set aside to praise and thank God, lift specific prayer requests before His throne, and then wait.

Listening for His leading.

For team members who aren’t in Harrismith, they pray where they are.
Qwa-Qwa,  Michigan,  Minnesota, California, Ohio, Louisianna, New York… location matter not.
God hears.

We have found dedicating the first hour of each week to corporate prayer has had wonderful results.

“There is more time to reflect, listen and hear what God says, much better than just putting your requests out there.  I found that although He may not answer my requests right then, He may say something about something else.”  – Amanda

“It felt as though our corporate prayer time had become a duty – a time to just submit our lists.  I know God wanted so much more than that.  Now as I settle into my prayer time I can begin with worship and enter into His presence allowing His Spirit to guide and direct requests and the flow of my time with Him.” – June

“I love the time set aside for prayer now – both on Mondays and during our All Staff meetings.  Having that time just to be with God is great.” – Busisiwe

We invite you to join us in corporate prayer – to begin each week unhurried, savoring His Presence, and receiving His direction for the week.