I love new beginnings (and second chances) and believe starting a New Year encourages both of these.

After all, when else do we get permission to start over?  We are encouraged to look back at our accomplishments, consider the challenges and determine what we want to do differently.
Or not.

I think that is why I love starting a new year with a leadership retreat and all-staff meeting. Let’s face it, work can get tedious, the challenges overwhelming, and discouragment tries to creep in … especially when you work in a hurting world.

Therefore it’s important that we encourage each other regularly and what better starting place than the beginning of a New Year?
So here’s a peek at us:

We begin every meeting with prayer and worship (acappella style) followed by a teaching from God’s Word.  This year the teaching is titled “So What?”
Are you curious?

Then we take a “look back” at the previous year. This invites us to celebrate all God accomplished and revel in the truth that He desires and is pleased by our collaboration.  SO. COOL.

Next we review God’s promises, purpose, and mission for Ignite South Africa to remind and re-ignite the passion for our work. It begins to stir the gifts that God deposited within us to ensure we accomplish what lies before us in 2018.

Finally, we fill in our year planner to see the big picture of where we are heading. This also inspires us to prayerfully consider and write our goals and action items.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of planning something and finding it incomplete. God calls us to run our race which means – running and staying on the track.
To stay on the right track we need to be intentional = action items!

So, here’s to a year of intentional living.
Investing our time, energy, focus, and finances where we know they will increase.

Praying God’s blessings over you for a prosperous New Year!




Aimee Hurtubise joined us in 2015 as Director for the House of Refuge and has helped to bring us to where we are today- opening the Maternity Home. During the past two years she states that God has brought her on a journey regarding her calling that she wanted to share…

“You see, I have always known that finances and administration came easy to me however, I questioned whether that was enough.  When I accepted the role of Director, people would ask where I see us in a few years and I didn’t have an answer. I thought that was something I should be able to do, envision our future. When I could not picture it I started to question if I was a leader.

Yet during this time I also began to see how special my personal gifting is and though it comes easy to me, for many it does not. As I embraced the knowledge of who God created me to be, rather than what I felt I was “supposed” to do, I no longer felt inadequate regarding my leadership skills. I realised I was trying to fit into a role that was not mine. Though very different in nature, I now know that my gifts are also vital to the growth and health of our organisation.

I learned that God has gifted me in administration and finances which is equally as important as that of the visionary, which is not my gifting.  Today when I look to my future and this new role I accepted I am excited. I know I am able to do the job well and though there is a little nervous excitement stepping into a new area, I know I will be stretched in areas I am already strong in.

I look forward to being involved and a part of the future of Ignite South Africa in all her areas of ministry!”

Help us welcome Aimee in her new position as the Finance Director for Ignite South Africa. We envision a bright future with her as part of our senior leadership team!





sq close up-129

Jill Marshall is one of God’s faithful servants.
She has been with us since the inception of Ignite and is relocating back to the States May 18.

From the start Jill has poured her heart into the work of the ministry.We have been immeasurably blessed by her tenacity and determination as she helped to secure our registration in South Africa as an NGO/PBO. Her diligence and eye for details established a strong foundation for General Operations and Outreach.

Jill’s love for teaching has strengthened local pastors and leaders through Discipleship classes, Pastoral workshops, and co-teaching with Pastor Leon at our Bible School Intensive courses. In addition, Jill’s countless behind the scene blessings are numerous,  including managing our home-office and sharing her gift of hospitality with all visitors and staff that join us in Harrismith.

The past two weeks has been bittersweet for staff and pastors alike as we say our farewells.
She has been showered with words of blessing and thanks, lots of memories and some really cool South African gifts.

The Lord knew exactly what we needed when He loaned us Jill for this season. We are filled with love and thankfulness for all she has done for us as a ministry and for South Africa as a whole. While her role with us will be different we know that she will forever be a part of our Ignite family.

Join us as we pray for safe, stress-free relocation and adjustment for both Jill and Zoey. For God to open new doors, bring opportunities and new relationships her way!




However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. Acts 20:24

What I like about my work is that it gives me an opportunity to talk about God’s gift of love for us; I get to teach young people in different schools about how important it is to know that we have unmerited favor and how embracing this gift is all God has ever wanted for each of us.

When I was a youngster, we didn’t receive information like this at all, God’s Word seemed more like a “theory” than something I could actually live out daily. The teachings I receive now are the kind that equip you to prosper in everything you set your mind on.

Sharing my testimony with the learners encourages them to never give up. To never doubt themselves and be bold as the God in them is greater than any man of this world.

I am truly blessed! 

Seeing learners discover God’s love in their own lives, re-ignites in me the passion to continue teaching  and helps me grow spiritually.


Mali (Nomali) Kubeka has been a coach with Ignite South Africa for two and a half years. She currently teaches in 8 schools bi-weekly, with 0ver 300 students. Mali, the youngest of 5 in her home, experienced a changed life in grade 11. Because of this she desires to serve youth and provide opportunities for them to learn, grow, and become whom God created. 

Follow these links to read about our Flashpoint program, look at our curriculum, or check out photos in the schools.




On Monday we welcomed Aimee home as our newest missionary team member.
We thought it would be fun to hear from her. . .

It still seems a little surreal to be in South Africa, to know that this is once again home and to merge back into life in Africa.  I am excited to be a part of what God is doing here, am looking forward to getting to know and be a part of such a great team of people.

To be honest, I feel as though I’ll finally get to do what God has called me to.  My life long calling is to create opportunities for children to experience God’s love which I will be able to do through Flashpoint projects and being able to start the House of Refuge.  I love being a part of the House from the very beginning, to see where God will take it and how He will provide for it.

The fact that He has provided me this opportunity in a place that I have known and am familiar with the culture just makes sense. God is so good!

When asked what prayer requests Aimee has, she quickly responded:

I would appreciate prayer for this transition as I get life set up . . . getting a bank account, finding a car, all the little details, just feeling settled so I can begin focusing on work in the near future.


We have multiple opportunities if you feel God is calling you to the mission field. Follow these links to learn more about serving with us in South Africa as an intern or as full-time staff, then send us an email at info@ignitesouthafrica.org!




aims 2

Monday we will be picking up Aimee Hurtubise, a missionary from Canada, who is joining us as staff.

Aimee is filling a dual position as Finance Manager and the Director of our future Ntlo ya Setshabelo (House of Refuge). We are thrilled as she brings experience in finance, administration, and missions.  Aimee has a passion for youth to experience the unconditional love of God and expresses a heart for South Africa and her people. Her heart, knowledge, and skills will add value to the programs we currently have, as well as to the future of Ignite. Needless to say, we are excited!

Please help us welcome her to the field as she has been a part of the Ignite family as a ministry partner since inception.  We are thankful to be a part of her God-journey serving in South Africa!

Join us as we pray for Aimee while she finalizes packing, travels, and then begins to settle into her new home here in South Africa.

Follow these links if you are interested in learning more about opportunities to serve with us on a short-term trip, or as full-time staff.




This week’s Bible Study Intensive on 2 Timothy and Titus was a huge success, and we are grateful for Pastor Leon De Haan of Thrive Ministries International for developing the curriculum and leading the teaching.  In the picture above, the students – local pastors, church leaders and Ignite coaches – are presenting him with a gift of an African shield to remind him of them and of the armor of God.

“I plan to apply what I’ve learned by preaching because through this intensive the tools were given to me to use them.  I was helped to help others and most important, to put them into action myself.  I was blessed by everything I’ve learned and I pray that God would help you to come again to teach.  May God bless you and keep you safe.” – Sello Mpho

“Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.  Even when it was hard he kept on proclaiming the Good News.  It encouraged me to push on preaching the Word of God because I know that even when I go through hardships I’m not alone.  God is with me.  I’m going to apply what I’ve learned, meditate on it day and night and also use it to teach other people.” – Nnini Sibeko

“I enjoyed the part where we looked at the relationship between Paul and Timothy, more specifically the deep emotional bond of a father and son in Christ Jesus.  I am definitely going to pursue a mentoring program to assist people into having a deep sense of the love of God.  I want to build relationships of mentors and mentees so that those involved will experience God’s love through each other.” – Khaba Tekano

“What has impacted me the most is learning more about what was faced by Paul when he was writing these letters so that we can have this knowledge of the Gospel.  These teachings that are prepared on a verse by verse basis have developed me personally and in my ministry.  My sermons will be intensified by the background information and my preaching will be much more informative.  I thank Ignite SA for organizing these intensives and Pastor Leon for bringing the teachings.” – Reverend R. P. Maleke

Please join us in praying for our local leaders as they apply what they’ve learned, and for Pastor Leon as he travels back to the US.



Jill Surrender Hill

The Bible often uses running and races as a model for life.  As with any sport, running takes time, discipline, and hard work.  Preparing to race takes even more time, sacrifice, determination and of course, courage.

On Saturday, Jill Marshall will be setting out to conquer Surrender Hill, her first 42.2K or full marathon.  After several months of training, Jill will experience one more previous “impossibility” become possible!

“I’m already both nervous and excited about the race.  I know I have been working hard, but I’m also fearful about the distance and the difficulty rating.  Now I’m just trusting God that He will carry me further and faster than my body wants to go.  With God all things are possible.”

Jill’s journey has been filled with overcoming “impossibilities” of one kind or another. Six years ago that journey led her to South Africa as a missionary, and strengthened her as she helped to co-found Ignite. Today that journey has once again shifted as she prepares to relocate to the States in a few months.

Donating a gift toward this race will be a double blessing to Jill and to Ignite, the charity she helped establish. It will provide the means for us to purchase her bakkie (which we use all the time), which in turn will help finance her transition to life back in America.

Would you consider showing Jill your support and donate a gift, maybe $42 for 42k?
It is guaranteed to bring a two-fold blessing!

Donate Now

Finally, don’t forget to pray!

Pray for safe travels, strong and injury-free running, total trust in God, and for a successful finish.




Who says life has to be ordinary?
I want to lead a purpose fueled life!

This has been one of my biggest struggles, not knowing what my purpose was in life and not achieving the things God had set out for me.

What happened is that I would listen to everybody else and how they thought my life should play out.
That got me nowhere, except feeling more misdirected, confused and far away from my own self.

This fear left me at a standstill.
Fear is not of God.

The great deceiver Satan steals and destroys everything good in our lives, and if you let him know what your biggest fear is, he will use it to isolate you, encouraging you to settle for second best.

By the grace of God I was reminded that Jesus came and died for all of my (and your) sins.

Our identity is in Him.

God directs our steps, He has a divine plan for our lives and He is willing to direct our steps, when we ask.

If, like me you’re not sure what your purpose is, cling to the many promises God sets out for us in His word. In Roman 12v2 the word says “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect’’

This meant that in order for me to know my vision I must become a woman of spiritual depth, because the dreams and vision for my life were rooted deep down inside of me. Exactly where God placed them.

Like a deep well I can draw them out by aligning myself with God’s perfect will.

By using the Bible as my daily reference; my ‘operator’s guide’, by praying, reading His Word, trusting what it says, resting in the Word and meditating on it (meaning, reciting it until it is a part of me and I believe it.) and rejoicing in it!

Strong commitment brings favor from the Lord.

We need to have faith because persistent faith is pleasing to God and it receives what it needs from God. God cares about all the things I care about, He wants to fulfill my heart’s desires yet because He is a gentleman, He waits upon me to ask.

Today, I am now excited about what the future holds.
I stand firm on the truth that He shall provide all my needs.




leadership team

This has been an incredible year!  The Lord has moved in so many ways and touched thousands of lives.  It’s a privilege to be part of God’s plan to raise up godly leaders in South Africa.

Next week our leadership team will be assembling to begin our year-end review and strategic planning for next year.

Please pray for us, for wisdom and discernment as we seek God’s direction in reaching His beloved children for Christ.