Our November workshop was devoted to blessing.
Amazing that we could spend a whole day on one topic, and STILL have more to share and learn…

In fact, the last session challenged them to write a letter of blessing to a family member, plan to read it (out loud) to that person and  leave the handwritten copy with them afterward.  Every pastor and ministry leader accepted the challenge, laid their hand to the pen and….wrote.  

Here are what a few had to share about the day:

“These messages turned (changed) the way I have been speaking to people, and my church. I now realize that word – create. That our words can change our future and direction in life.  I have learned to think before I speak. I will start to practice this in my family, with friends, and in church.” Pastor T. Mosikidi

“Given the opportunity to write a letter of blessing to someone is the first step I believe I took into applying the message. Therefore I will continue to bless and teach others to do the same for now I have seen even deeper how great is the power of a blessing.” Pastor D. Moloi

“The message of today touched me. I can’t even explain the way I am filled up today by God speaking to my heart in a powerful way. God is the God of needs.”  Rev. S.J. Mokoena

“Starting from today I am gonna invite my children over to our home, at least once every month so me and my spouse could bless them and begin to teach them to bless their children as well.”  Anonymous

It was a day that participants claimed they felt blessed, were excited to learn how to bless, and departed ready to share blessings.

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We just finished another Foundations for Christian Growth discipleship course graduating 5 people.  We’re excited for each of our students and how they will apply what they’ve learned in their roles as leaders and pastors.

When we asked our students for feedback about the course, Reverend R.P. Maleke said the class taught him deeper truths and how to back up what he already knew with Scripture.  He said that his preaching has been more powerful as a result and with greater confidence and authority.  He went on to say:

“I now have a deeper revelation of the Trinity, tongues, healing and faith, and our Father has shown all these to me all due to the blessings of this class.  I have learned more about the following:

  • Faith and Patience
  • The will of God for us
  • The origin of sickness
  • Salvation and redemption

As a result, I have been introducing more Bible teaching in my church.  My youth Bible study group has already shown an awakening in the ministry of the church of Christ.  I’ve also realized that the congregation has a better understanding of faith, healing and the authority we have in the body of Christ.

I have also seen people getting healed in my church which in the past had never happened.  I now have a living gospel to preach and I saw its life when spoken in the church and community I live in.”

Please join us in praying for our 5 graduates as they go forth as disciples preaching, teaching and making disciples of others.




We recently had a 4 day Bible Study Intensive on I Timothy. We’re thankful for pastors Leon De Haan and Lonnie Rodriguez who came from the US to lead the course.  I Timothy contains such a wealth of practical instruction for leaders, both inside and outside of the church.  Local church leaders were definitely blessed by the course.

“I was most impacted by the sessions on the call to prayer and the qualifications for leaders in ministry.  Prayer should be our daily business.  When we talked about this I felt the Lord really confirm this in my understanding.  I feel greatly compelled to mean business when I come to God in prayer.” – Pastor Jeanette Mofokeng

“These intensives have always been a tremendous encouragement to me and also an encouragement as I teach others.  This letter has opened my eyes even more.  Paul walked through thick and thin with Timothy because he wanted Timothy to be able to fully train and instruct others.  I am impressed with the way Paul put value upon this young man for the glory of God.  I didn’t know the size of the Ephesian church before this intensive, but am glad the responsibility was given to this young pastor.  I’ve learned a lot from him.” – Matete M.P.

“All of the teachings were very powerful.  I was most impacted with Paul’s instructions about the love of money as the root of all evil.  We need to flee away.  I have learned that as a man of God, I have to trust in good and not to rely on something besides God.  I also learned that prayer must be the daily business of our lives.  God really used you to come and make change or impact in our lives and ministries.” – Pastor Mokoena Tumelo Jacob




Next week we will be joined by Pastors Leon De Haan and Lonnie Rodriguez for an in depth study of I Timothy.  Our local pastors and church leaders are excited to learn more about this wonderful book, a book filled with relevant and practical wisdom for leaders.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to invest into church leaders, equipping them in the Word of God and providing valuable resources for further study and teaching.  We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us through this course.

Please join us in prayer:

  • For Leon and Lonnie – for safe travels, smooth transition, and that the Lord uses them and blesses them in incredible ways.
  • For Jill who also teaches, as well as Pastor Abram, Busisiwe and Thabang who will be interpreting and assisting with the class.
  • For our attendees, that this course equips and strengthens them for the ministry God has called them to.



And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].”  2 Corinthians 9:8 AMP

God is able to provide us with everything we need to carry out His will and live lives pleasing to Him.  He is able to make all grace abound, but that also means that it’s not automatic.  There are conditions that we have to meet for God’s grace and blessings to abound in our lives.  These conditions include faith in God and His Word.  And how to do we demonstrate our faith?  Through our actions – by following His commands and principles.

So in our September 9 Enrich Workshop we will continue looking to God’s Word for Biblical Financial Principles.  We’ll be basing much of our teaching on the incredible spiritual insight of “Wealth, Riches, and Money” by Craig Hill and Earl Pitts.

We will begin with renouncing the spirit of Mammon and adopting a Sparrow Faith in God.  Then we’ll press into the 5 biblical uses of money as outlined in 2 Corinthians 9:10-11:

  • Seed for sowing (Tithe)
  • Bread for eating (Consumption)
  • Sowing and reaping (Multiplication)
  • Increasing fruits of righteousness (freeing people from bondage)
  • Generosity (Giving)

We’re excited for what the Lord has in store as we look to Him for wisdom regarding our finances.

Please join us in praying for our teachers, Pastor Abram and Jill, as well as our students who are pastors and leaders in our local churches.



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God’s Word says He wants us to live prosperous, abundant lives.  To do so we must have the right perspective of wealth.  So in this week’s Enrich workshop we covered “Secrets of Wealth” based on the book “Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know” by Craig Hill.

Pastors Abram Moloi and Mark Horton were our teachers for the day, and based on testimonies the sessions were not only informative, but also challenging and relevant.  Folks were eager to getting started applying what they learned.

“God revealed to me what has been hindering my blessing, and I have been taught how to manage my money.  God has reminded me to focus on the vision that He has placed in my life without worrying about His provision because if He promised something He will surely do it.  After all, I’m blessed by this workshop.  Starting from today, I’m going to apply these principles so that I can be prosperous in all my ways.”  – Sello Mpho

“The Lord has opened my heart to have a knowledge of how to use money so that I can be blessed and bless other people.  I feel duty bound to teach my children and also to teach my church about all that I have learned.” – Thabiso Makhorole

“God spoke to me amazingly about how to grow money by following God’s Biblical principles so that I can leave an inheritance for my children and grandchildren (generation to generation).  By implementing the principles learned today, I can achieve that.” – Shadrach Mile

Please pray for our local pastors and church leaders as they implement God’s “secrets” to financial freedom and prosperity.




Money.  Is it a necessary evil to be wary of?  Or a blessing from God to be used for His Kingdom work?

God’s Word says He wants us to live prosperous, abundant lives.  To do so we must have the right perspective of wealth.  So in this week’s Enrich workshop we covered “Secrets of Wealth” based on the book “Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know” by Craig Hill.

Well, they’re not really secrets, just solid Bible principles that really work!

Enrich Director Pastor Abram Moloi was joined in the teaching by Pastor Mark Horton of Freedom Ministries here in Harrismith.  Together, along with their wives as well, they had previously attended a 2 week training with Family Foundations International.  They were excited to share some of their invaluable training with our local pastors, beginning with this workshop on wealth principles.

At the end of the workshop, pastors and church leaders were prayed for to break any spiritual bondage related to finances, then blessed to walk boldly focused on God’s vision rather than provision for their lives.

Please join us in praying for our local pastors and church leaders as they walk in financial freedom and teach others to do the same.




As spiritual leaders it’s important to understand authority from a biblical perspective.  So in our recent Enrich workshop we studied types of authority, submission to authority, and rebellion under authority based on the Word of God.

We were thankful to have Pastor Mark Horton from Freedom Ministries in Harrismith join Pastor Abram for the teaching.  Based on feedback, our local pastors and church leaders not only benefitted from the teachings, but also from the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences.

Today my eyes were opened to see and realize the authority given to me and to others by God.  The messages will cause me to adjust my preaching by teaching that everyone was given the authority over dark forces and how to exercise that authority.” – Reverend P.R. Maleke

“The message brought a new dawn to my life in the way that it has made me to understand that authority is from God almighty.  Therefore, if one has his own authority it was God who has given the authority to be used on His behalf…Now I have learned to submit and to leave everything to God for his reward and judgment.” – Thabiso Makhorole

“The message of today affected me amazingly.  God dealt with me so that I can learn to be submitted to any leader young or old, rich or poor if God has placed that person in a position of authority…I will change things according to God’s Word, and also learn from other true men of God if what they teach aligns with God’s Word.” – Shadrack Mile

We couldn’t be equipping local pastors and church leaders if it weren’t for the generous prayers and financial support of partners around the world.  If you would like to help make future development opportunities possible, please follow this link.




Caring for the local pastor is what we do.

Because of this, Pastor Abram knew we needed to share what God had to say about the anointing, the use of oil, and related topics.  You may wonder why this would be important, let me share. . .

There is an explosion of ministers selling “special” anointing oils, anointed cloths, and other items. They are claiming that these items are filled with a special anointing power, and scared people (we are in the midst of an AIDS pandemic, TB outbreaks etc) will do anything for help, even pay money they need for food or medication in the hope that it will work.

In addition, some preachers are declaring they are “god” because the Holy Spirit lives within them.

Needless to say, there has been concern and some confusion amongst pastors and leaders.

We knew there needed to be a solid biblical foundation therefore the sessions included an Old Testament and New Testament survey on the anointing, merchandising verses ministering in the anointing, and impartation of the anointing.  It was delightful to see faces ignite with revelation knowledge as various scriptures were brought to light and discussed.

Please note: the majority of Bibles used do not have a concordance, maps, or any type of helps to aid these pastors in searching for answers. Providing the scriptures for further reading and research is a great benefit!

The Q & A that followed was key, it allowed time to discuss concerns and ways in which to address them within the churches. Pastors were able to share what they have experienced, and work together to problem solve solutions.

After the workshop Pastor Mile shared, “I so wish Pastors can leave their work and come to such teachings. Today’s topic was very relevant to what is happening these days in the churches. I am so grateful to have such a good time with God today opening up my spiritual eyes and making me fit enough to preach the gospel in a proper way.”

May God’s blessings overwhelm you for making these workshops possible, they strengthen and equip the local pastors!




Have you ever struggled to work with or communicate with someone very different from you?

The Lord has created each of us with different personalities and styles.  Our experiences shape us as well.  And while such differences can make working with others both beneficial and exciting, they can also cause challenges and conflicts.

So on Tuesday, our next Enrich Workshop will address the various aspects of People Skills

  • How can we better cultivate and encourage those entrusted to us as leaders?
  • What are the different personality types and how can we work better together?
  • How do people differ in communication style, and how can we become more assertive while also encouraging assertiveness in others?
  • What are some key strategies for resolving conflicts when they arise?

Please join us in praying for our teachers, pastors and church leaders – that as we learn to model the principles of God’s Word we are effective witnesses for Him.