Correct Interpretation of the Bible is Possible!

Ensuring correct interpretation of the Bible is what our Hermeneutics class is all about.  Learning how to do that consistently certainly requires Bible reading and listening to the Holy Spirit. However, understanding the genre, original language, history, culture and even the audience it was intended brings additional insight.

According to social psychology, people interpret situations based on their own experiences. While this may be acceptable in life, it is very dangerous when it comes to the Word of God. Imagine if every leader was to interpret the Bible based on their personal experiences!

We have heard of preachers who minister based on misinterpretation and seen how it can lead congregations astray. As this is one of the greatest fears as a Pastor, we chose to include this course in our curriculum. 

Additionally, the Hermeneutics course plays an important role in achieving our mission to model and equip godly leaders.  In providing resources and teaching participants to use various study methods and resources, they glean a deeper, more accurate understanding of God’s Word.  

Follow this link to read  testimonies from the leaders who completed the course last year. We look forward to even greater reviews as we continue to multiply Godly leaders in South Africa.

If you are passionate about ensuring that the Word of God is interpreted as intended,  you can be a part of this mission by providing resources or funding . please contact us to get details.






My favourite class to teach is an applied hermeneutics class created last year. I laugh a little when I say that as I think of the struggle most have to say the word.  Also, how the word alone carries an impression of greatness and is therefore one of the reasons for the interest in taking the course!

I knew from personal experience that hermeneutics can be challenging and really wanted to make it a practical course. Thanks to generous gifts and donations we have been able to build a resource library (including computers) for the students to use to apply the methods as they learn them.

The truth is that many do not know that Bible study can (and should) include more than reading the text.
The fact is that many of the pastors and church leaders here are amongst that group.
The truth is that inaccurate interpretations may lead to false truths or even heretical beliefs being preached.

Kind of scary when you think of it that way.
Regardless of our best intentions we could lead people astray…

Though all of those things are important, the real reason I love teaching the class is seeing the students come alive as they learn to use various resources. As they uncover cultural or historical facts that bring a deeper understanding of God’s Word to them. When they realise the various scripture interpretations are exactly that…. interpretations – some of them better than others. And finally, when they experience the impact it makes in their own life.

Our recent class just finished and here is what a couple of them had to say:

I was blessed learning how to use different study aids and materials, knowing the difference between bible translations and how to SOAP journal. I have been using what I learned during my personal devotion times and when preparing for sermons. This year as I prepared for Passover I spent time studying the significance of the feast and was able to prepare a powerful message. I saw the Holy Spirit make His presence evident during the service in a way I have never seen before! ~Rev. R.P. Maleke

It was a blessing to me to learn about various methods of interpretation, analyzing scripture, reflection and resources. I have already been using it while teaching in my church and plan to organise a bible class at my house for others to learn as well. I have a much richer understanding of God’s Word now. ~Pastor T. Nhlabathi




By Rev. Paul Maleke

I thank God for bringing Ignite South Africa into my life when He did.

I first took the FCG course which proved to be more than I was expecting as its name state, Foundation for Christian Growth. But in real terms it is nothing foundational rather intensive. After finishing it I took on God’s Plan as a second leg but I failed to finish it due to different storms which attacked me from all sides. So I took it again this year and I believe it came at the right time. I believe this whole plan was orchestrated by God himself.

As a result of attending this class I managed to establish a couple of classes at church for different level. The adult Bible study was established because of this God’s Plan for Christian Service course and a courtship class was also started seeing that we had more and more youth who are falling pregnant and becoming single parents.

Because of a better understanding of intercession, I began to teach relevant teachings to the youth and their parents. My teachings were improved and became more direct and simple for anyone to understand and as a result I saw growth of up to 50% of older men (fathers) attending the church and visitors who are touched by the gospel they received or heard from church. I have learned so much from this class.

We thankful for Pastors that are passionate about God and His direction and praise Him for multiplying their efforts!




Bringing unity amongst churches, ministries, and their leaders has always been a passion of Ignite South Africa. Recently we are seeing the fruit being realised as pastors and leaders unite to strengthen each other, their churches, and communities.

This new camaraderie, and determination to build God’s Kingdom, has led to a multitude of benefits. Currently, we have a team of leaders from various churches preparing to teach the Sanctity of Life message in conference format in a few months.

In addition, the bonds of friendships has extended to include a willingness to share from the heart during the small group sessions of our workshops. Listen to what a few have to say about their time together…

The time spent with the Pastors was good. This shows that meeting regularly will strengthen us in wisdom in His Word- John Moletsane

A wonderful time, I have learnt what other pastors do when facing challenges and how they overcome them. – Mofokeng Sylvia.

I had a good time with the other pastors. A pleasant time to be together because I have learnt so many things. – Mpatana A Pitso

It was a very good time because we were able to build each other up and that there really is strength in unity! – Anonymous

I love it when we come together as pastors. Thank you Ignite South Africa! – T.I Moloi

We praise God for how He is moving in our hearts to reach Qwa Qwa, together! Please join us in prayer, praise, as well as sharing any gift God may place on your heart.
We thank God for you!




Have you noticed that when your phone rings, or a message chimes, your body automatically  responds. Whether you are engaged in a conversation or reading a book, everything stops and your attention is focused on who called.

The same should happen with our spirit when we are called by God.

God calls each one of us to be His children and reflect His glory where we are.
Whether He has called us to be godly wife or husband, a leader in our local church, or businessman; God calls, He qualifies, and we need to respond.

Our upcoming Pastoral workshop will be focused on this topic as we share God’s word with local pastors and leaders who often do not feel qualified to serve.

Please join us in praying for our bible teachers  and those attending the workshop. May His truth be a source of encouragement and the needed refreshment for them to continue to run the race He has set before them.




Or more specifically, what to do with the greatest Command?

We all have heard that we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind as this is the greatest commandment. The second is like it, we are to love our neighbor as ourself.  (Matt. 22: 37-39).

It sounds relatively easy until you begin to really ponder how to live it out, how to apply those ideas (the nuances expressed) within daily life.

This month we decided to bring it back to the basics, to renew our first love and ensure it is evident for all to see. Therefore, this topic, and the application, is what we are going to tackle in our upcoming Pastoral Workshop next Tuesday.

Please keep our teachers and the ministry leaders who attend, in your prayers as they dig deeper into God’s Word.  We are believing God for transformational change that will extend into the churches and ministries they oversee.




This week’s Bible Study Intensive on 2 Timothy and Titus was a huge success, and we are grateful for Pastor Leon De Haan of Thrive Ministries International for developing the curriculum and leading the teaching.  In the picture above, the students – local pastors, church leaders and Ignite coaches – are presenting him with a gift of an African shield to remind him of them and of the armor of God.

“I plan to apply what I’ve learned by preaching because through this intensive the tools were given to me to use them.  I was helped to help others and most important, to put them into action myself.  I was blessed by everything I’ve learned and I pray that God would help you to come again to teach.  May God bless you and keep you safe.” – Sello Mpho

“Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.  Even when it was hard he kept on proclaiming the Good News.  It encouraged me to push on preaching the Word of God because I know that even when I go through hardships I’m not alone.  God is with me.  I’m going to apply what I’ve learned, meditate on it day and night and also use it to teach other people.” – Nnini Sibeko

“I enjoyed the part where we looked at the relationship between Paul and Timothy, more specifically the deep emotional bond of a father and son in Christ Jesus.  I am definitely going to pursue a mentoring program to assist people into having a deep sense of the love of God.  I want to build relationships of mentors and mentees so that those involved will experience God’s love through each other.” – Khaba Tekano

“What has impacted me the most is learning more about what was faced by Paul when he was writing these letters so that we can have this knowledge of the Gospel.  These teachings that are prepared on a verse by verse basis have developed me personally and in my ministry.  My sermons will be intensified by the background information and my preaching will be much more informative.  I thank Ignite SA for organizing these intensives and Pastor Leon for bringing the teachings.” – Reverend R. P. Maleke

Please join us in praying for our local leaders as they apply what they’ve learned, and for Pastor Leon as he travels back to the US.



group photo blog

Our recent Enrich Workshop – God’s Word for Pastors – was a great success.  With relevant topics, candid discussion, and time for personal ministry, our pastors and church leaders were greatly encouraged.  Here is what some of our leaders shared.

I have longed for a message of this nature and I have received it today! I know that I am not the only one faced with these challenges in my church. I realize that forgiveness is the key to releasing a person who made an empty promise to the church, to me as a leader or to me in general.” – Rev. Paul Maleke

“I see that I need God’s grace to live a pure life. Being a leader/ pastor makes me an open target. The session on Pride and Temptations really ministered to me because these are real in my life. The facilitators helped me a lot to realize weakness and the ways Satan uses some…” – Mosikidi Tefo

“I am so happy that we as pastors could have time together, to share the word of God and, share our challenges and uplift each other. In my heart of hearts I wish we could be as one always, in spirit and in mind. I am so grateful to God in the most amazing way! ” –  Rev. S.J Mokoena

“It really built up my faith in God. Not to make empty promises as members of the church or the pastor and focus on God’s promises. It helped me on how to purify myself from temptations. It also reminded me that I have to make time to play, worship, and work and rest as these are all very important.” – N.S.

It is evident from the feedback, that these sessions hit close to home. We are delighted to provide opportunity for the pastors to seek support, and encouragement, from peers to carry on.

Together we can build His Kingdom!




Being a pastor or church leader is more than a job, it’s a calling, and one that is wrought with challenges.  The enemy would love nothing more than to defeat our church leaders, destroying their lives and their witness to others.

Our heart for our Enrich Discipleship program is to encourage, equip and strengthen church leaders so they can remain strong and stay the course that the Lord has laid before them.

So for tomorrow’s Enrich workshop, Pastor Mark Horton and June Blanshan will be teaching what God’s Word says about important topics such as purity and temptation, burnout, ego and pride, church attendance and dealing with people.

Please join in praying for our teachers as they present these relevant and sensitive topics.  Pray also for our pastors and church leaders as they learn, then also interact and problem solve within small groups.

We’re excited for this workshop and for God’s Word for Pastors.




This week pastors and church leaders gathered to press into God’s Word and learn how to overcome obstacles to fulfill their God-given dreams.  Our heart was for leaders to be equipped, encouraged, and empowered to pursue God’s vision for their lives and their churches.

It was an inspiring workshop!  But don’t just take our word for it…

My vision was restored, my dreams and purpose too. It was a great revival in my soul to be recommitted to God and His Word, also to just evaluate my faith.  The Bible says that faith must have works, so starting from now my words will be aligned with my actions.” – Sello Mpho

“We are growing day by day.  Sometimes we fall, but today is a brand new day and we know we can keep going.  What God has said, it is.  Today I was reminded that God has something for us.  I hold fast to the dream.  The obstacles are just a stepping stone to go forward.  I trust in the Lord, where ever it may be, on the rock and on the stormy sea.” – Pastor Nelly Mosea

“Today’s message has changed my life; I now firmly believe that I will realize my dreams. Not by my own strength but through the power of Jesus.  Now I will apply all the teachings that I heard today.  Our heavenly Father keeps His fire burning in me and I will change the congregation I am in.” – Tshongwe Lucy

“This workshop has encouraged me to review His given vision and purpose in my life and make sure that I pursue it and trust in Him and in Him alone who has called me.  It also challenged me to be careful with the company I keep and the people I share my dream with.  Firstly, I am going to have to write down that vision and to go out to the place where God has called me to, for there He shall provide all my needs. I also realize that I have to stop settling for second best by doing things to try and help fulfill the God given dream, but rather to just go and do as I am told. – Dikeledi Moloi

Please join us in praying for our church leaders as they carry out their God-gifted dreams, and if you would like to sow into these leaders making future leadership workshops available, please follow this link.