Hermeneutics Bible

SOAP is a simple yet powerful method for studying Scripture.  It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

  • S – Scripture:  As you study scripture, make note of the key verses that jump out to you.  Writing them out helps you to slow down, really see them, and allow God speak to you through them.
  • O – Observation:  Write down your observations about what you’ve read.  Who is the author?  Who is the audience?  What is the situation?  Are there certain words repeated or emphasized?
  • A – Application:  Write down how those observations affect your life today and how you can apply them.  This is where God’s Word becomes personal.  What is God saying to you today?
  • P – Prayer:  Pray to God about what you’ve learned and how to live it out.  Also pray about anything else He may have revealed including any sin that may be getting in the way.

This is just one of the many study methods that students learned in our recent Hermeneutics class.  When asked about how they were blessed by the course, here is what some of our students had to say.

“God blessed me through this class…It class taught me about the Old and New Testaments, and I want to thank God because now I have resources like books and notes that will help me to read and understand the Word of God so that I can be ready to preach the Gospel to others.” – Mokokeng Motsami

“One key lesson that I have learned and enjoyed is how to work with the word SOAP when it comes to Bible study…I have been applying this method in my teachings in the church and it has been helpful.  I thank God for you and others in the class.” – Jeanette Mofokeng

“I enjoyed the class times and learning with others.  Before this class, I would become frustrated at times when I didn’t understand certain Scriptures.  Learning to study scripture in context has made a huge difference in my understanding of it.” – Amanda Radebe

We are currently building a resource library in our new office facility.  If you have any new or gently used Biblical resources that you’d like to contribute, please email and we will help with the necessary arrangements.  




We located a House of Refuge, conference centre, AND office space!

It feels surreal that after searching everywhere God brought us back to the center of Qwa Qwa to find this property.  But He did.

This home has EVERYTHING we need to house 3-4 orphaned/at-risk girls with a house mom.  The property has additional buildings which will provide a conference centre, classroom, two offices and a bathroom.  This will allow us to relocate our Qwa Qwa office saving us $350/month in rent!

To make this God-dream become reality, we need YOU!  

For Ignite to purchase the home we must pay cash (SOON) and the cost is $48,000.
At first I was intimidated thinking it was impossible but then I realized that it would only take:

  • 48 people donating $1000 each (or)
  • 96 people donating $500 each (or)
  • 192 people donating $250 each (or)
  • 480 people donating $100 each (or)
  • Or any combination

Can you help today?  

Sow a gift
Help us provide shelter and safety to a pregnant teens, classrooms and office space for the work we do.

Help us intercede for favor- that our offer is accepted and the finances come in to allow this purchase.

PLEASE share this email and opportunity with everyone you know and help us take the next step.

Thank you for partnering with us!
To sow into the shelter electronically you may use this link, for other giving options or if you live in South Africa, click here.




How have you invested in your future?

Many of us know it’s wise to invest money in retirement, stocks or bonds. In doing this we plan to improve our future as our investment multiplies over the years.

But, how often do we consider investing something other than money?
Something such as time, talents, and skills.

How do we do that you wonder?  Well, it’s in the little things like asking someone how their day is going.
Taking a moment to open a door, help someone with groceries, or even say hello to another in the store.

Think of it, many of us have found ourselves in a crowd at some point in our life and yet felt invisible.
Alone. Unseen.

WE have the power to change this for another when we invest ourselves in others.

Along this line, our team chose to invest in the children of Leratong on Good Friday.
Through drama, testimonies, play, and time sharing we were able to connect and love on them.
I’m not sure which of us benefitted more, the children or our team!

It reminded me that as our money multiplies when invested, Jesus shared a similar principle in the parable of the talents; “Lord, you delivered to me five talents; look, I have (used and) gained five more talents besides them”   Matt. 25: 20b.

Follow this link to check out the photos from the day!




Jesus reminds us to “let the children come to Him ” therefore on Good Friday a group of our staff and volunteers will be spending the morning at Leratong, a local children’s home/orphanage in Qwa Qwa.

We are excited to put together a program for the day that will bless, delight, and show each child how much they are cherished.  Our plan is to demonstrate God’s love through play, time together, and of course, sharing the Gospel message.

Join us as we pray that our team is able to demonstrate and model Christ’s love to the 50+ children, and that they enjoy the special treat we leave behind!



FP Team 3x6

Back row L to R: Constance, Moeketsi, Nefthali, Thabang, Phillip, Sipho, Aaron, Moeti, Dudu and Busisiwe.  Front row: Sibongile, Martha, Nnini, and Nthabiseng.

God is taking our staff team on a journey where they are learning to specialize in areas, as well as individually mentor new volunteers.  Let me share:

Busisiwe Mosia our Director of Flashpoint for the past four years continues to  use  her leadership and collaboration with the schools to strengthen our team and expand our opportunities within Qwa Qwa.

Moeti Moloi is our Volunteer Coordinator and also works in our Discipleship program.  His gift of leadership and encouragement supports his fellow coaches. He is mentoring Constance as a CIT and Nefthali in our Discipleship program.

Aaron Sibaya as Administrative Support ensures all coaches have what they need for schools and encourages them along the way.  Aaron is mentoring Sipho.

Thabang Tshabalala as our Data Specialist works to compile, input, and report our data results twice yearly.  In addition, after reviewing results will propose ways in which we could improve our program.  Thabang is mentoring Moeketsi.

Nnini Sibeko as Administrator and Conference Organiser uses her gifts to organize attendance, events and assists all staff wherever needed. Nnini is mentoring Phillip.

Martha is our Writer and storyteller.  Her goal is to help you experience our Flashpoint program and classes through a variety of mediums. Martha is mentoring Nthabiseng.

Sibongile as Environmental Specialist sets the mood by preparing our environment both physically and with song/worship.  Sibongile is a gifted vocalist and is mentoring Dudu.

We are thrilled to see our coaches step into these new roles knowing it is a small part of the God-miracle that is unfolding this year.  In addition, we are delighted to welcome our seven volunteers who joined us for training.  We pray their time with us is fruitful, fulfilling, and God-willing may they join us as permanent team members in the future.





Have you ever felt what you had to offer wasn’t enough?

Whether it was you, your knowledge, talents, abilities, or financial gifts.  Whatever it was, you just felt lacking and when you looked at others you felt poor- poor in gifts, poor in talents, poor in stuff.

If that sounds familiar, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone.
This is a key device the enemy uses to keep us from sharing ourselves and our resources to build God’s Kingdom.

Yet God tells us something different…

While Jesus was in the Temple, he watched the rich people dropping their gifts in the collection box. Then a poor widow came by and dropped in two small coins. “I tell you the truth,” Jesus said, “this poor widow has given more than all the rest of them. For they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.” Luke 21: 1-4

You may not be rich as the world sees it, but you are rich according to God’s standards.
He has equipped you with everything you need and called YOU a gift to the body.
Perhaps the gift you are to share today is a quick email to encourage, a smile to brighten the day, some kind of physical help, or a financial gift. . .

Regardless of the size of the gift, we are called to share of ourselves, our talents, and our stuff.
So today, rather than giving from your abundance give from your lack.  

If you lack joy share a smile, if you are disappointed speak encouragement to someone, if you don’t have enough give a token offering and watch God bring the increase!

He is able and has created you as a perfect gift to His Body!





From Bongani, grade 8

“I was a person who was stealing from other people and from Spar (a grocery store) in Setsing.

Ignite South Africa came to our school to teach us about important things in life.
They taught us how people are when they steal, so I quit stealing because I realized that stealing was not a good idea at all.

I thank these people who are teaching us from Ignite South Africa, I love you.
What you have done for us is very special and changes lives.”

Your partnership made a difference once again- both for this young person and all those his life impacts.
Your generous gifts allowed us to continue God’s work in the schools of Qwa Qwa. Thank you!


If you can. . .  year end gifts are greatly appreciated and would propel us into another successful year serving both youth and adults of Qwa Qwa, South Africa.

Currently, every dollar given multiplies 3-fold due to the exchange rate.
You can multiply your giving today by following this link, thank you!





Your support has made an impact!
Read on and hear what a youth is saying..

Rampai Teboho, grade 9, Khothalang
Ignite South Africa was like nothing to me. I was always bored when I see them coming to our school, every time. I didn’t mind it until I see some of my friends changing their attitude.

We were calling ourselves “lover” – boys with many girls.
But after Ignite educated them they started changing in everything – started focusing on their work.

Our educator was not just an educator but he was a motivator. He always advised and motivated us.
I now know that sex is not just fun with your girlfriend, it has lots of regrets afterward even if you use a condom.  Now, I have chosen to save sex until marriage.

Thank you Ignite. I will always believe in everything you gave us especially to live on purpose not on making friends happy.

Would you consider a year end gift to Ignite South Africa?
Every gift is guaranteed to impact thousands of youth, just as it did for this one.

Ignite South Africa, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States as well as a NPO/PBO in South Africa. As you partner with us you will be sowing into God’s Kingdom work in South Africa, supporting our ministry programs such as Flashpoint that this young man attended.



M Pule-79

Moleboheng Pule is our first place winner for High Schools, here is what she shared.

Living with a crippled single parent is not fun or easy as one can ever think of especially while you are still at school.

I was 12 years old doing grade 6 when my parents got involved in a car accident when crossing the road. My father passed away instantly and my mother was badly injured and taken to the hospital where she was admitted for four months. Then I was forced to live with my drunken aunt who never allowed me to go to school. I was supposed to clean the house, cook and bath her baby and take him to school. Thereafter I would often go to buy her beer at the tavern and that made me enjoy not going to school but to hang around with my drunken aunt and her friends. That was a pretty good time I thought.

My mother was discharged from the hospital late in December. I had to go back home and take care of her. She was a cripple walking with a wheelchair. She couldn’t do anything for herself. Because I was used to cooking and cleaning at my aunt’s place I didn’t mind doing all those things but my mother didn’t like that, she wanted me to focus on school work but I was used to staying at home all day and not going to school anymore. I enjoyed staying at home helping my mother with whatever she needed.

Then it was January and my mother sent me back to school and I had to repeat grade 6, start new friends and that made me hate school even more; thinking that my friends had left me behind was very painful. Sometimes when I was supposed to go to school I would pretend to be sick and not go to school or leave home and hide until all the children were back home then I would come from my hiding place. I was used to hiding instead of going to school until I was noticed as school that I was always absent. Then my mother was sent a letter telling her about my behaviour. She was mad at me I know she was not going to do anything to me as she was a cripple so I took advantage thereof.

My teachers organized a counseling sessions for me because they saw the potential in me. I got counseled for a month and it was fun there because we met different people from different background with different people’s story. It was like I was at home, I enjoyed myself very much. We were told to appreciate ourselves and to do things that would make us better people in the near future. Then I realized that being a drop out would never help me and my crippled mother. So I had to study hard to make the difference in my family and to make my mother proud. I attended school regularly and passed my grade 6.

Then I went to the intermediate school, I did well there. I was good in languages and that made me love debate and poetry but I thought there was no future in that, and then I started to doubt myself until I was told to be a diplomat.  That would allow me to stay in another country to keep good relationship between two governments and being a diplomat needs level 7s in languages and I thought I would fit in and seeing myself in another country speaking different languages, practicing their culture and eating their food would be a pleasure. I couldn’t wait to complete my matric.

Now I am a grade 12 learner who is about to discover what life is like out there. I was motivated from primary school till my secondary school. I even got motivated by my church crew, former learners and my teacher. Now I’m looking forward to realizing my dream and to be a diplomat even if it’s going to be painful to leave my crippled mother behind but it’s for the good cause.



Jill Surrender Hill

The Bible often uses running and races as a model for life.  As with any sport, running takes time, discipline, and hard work.  Preparing to race takes even more time, sacrifice, determination and of course, courage.

On Saturday, Jill Marshall will be setting out to conquer Surrender Hill, her first 42.2K or full marathon.  After several months of training, Jill will experience one more previous “impossibility” become possible!

“I’m already both nervous and excited about the race.  I know I have been working hard, but I’m also fearful about the distance and the difficulty rating.  Now I’m just trusting God that He will carry me further and faster than my body wants to go.  With God all things are possible.”

Jill’s journey has been filled with overcoming “impossibilities” of one kind or another. Six years ago that journey led her to South Africa as a missionary, and strengthened her as she helped to co-found Ignite. Today that journey has once again shifted as she prepares to relocate to the States in a few months.

Donating a gift toward this race will be a double blessing to Jill and to Ignite, the charity she helped establish. It will provide the means for us to purchase her bakkie (which we use all the time), which in turn will help finance her transition to life back in America.

Would you consider showing Jill your support and donate a gift, maybe $42 for 42k?
It is guaranteed to bring a two-fold blessing!

Donate Now

Finally, don’t forget to pray!

Pray for safe travels, strong and injury-free running, total trust in God, and for a successful finish.