We finally did it!

Our first Hope mobile pregnancy clinic  was held on the 15th and 16th of February.  We have been particularly excited about this initiative because of our holistic approach.

While the Hope Clinic offers free pregnancy counseling and testing, it has two standout features that are unusual.  The first is our ability to offer limited sonograms on site.  We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity this provides and joy it brings to new parents.

The second is our classes. 

Health education classes are rare to nonexistent in the area of pregnancy, childbirth or parenting especially in rural areas.

As a culture it is often thought that these issues are too personal or private to discuss. In addition, so many are without a mother who might “hand down” birthing and child-care tips. Amanda also points out that in most African cultures you are not taught how to parent or deal with parental issues, you learn as you go.

While the public clinics would like to do more education and prevention, it is simply not possible because of the sheer number of people needing help and time limitations.  

Therefore, to augment the work already being done, we developed curricula to meet these needs in our pregnancy/childbirth and parenting classes.

As the Hope Clinic, our focus is holistic and designed to ensure we have time  for these additional essentials.
Therein lies our excitement…



Update: We discovered an additional level of approval with the Health Department was required for testing.  Therefore, our Hope Clinic only provided classes to those attending as we await final approval. Please join us in praying that approval is expedited and available by March 23, our next scheduled clinic date.




We are so grateful to announce that in 2017 over 16,500 people were reached by our ministry!

Here’s what happened in our House of Refuge this year.

House of Refuge: community LIFE programs for females of all ages!

  • Our House mom is fully trained and prepared to receive new moms.
  • Our Maternity Home is fully furnished.
  • We completed registration for the Maternity Home with the Department of Social Development (this will allow us to take in children of all ages).  
    • Now we await final approval!
  • Our pregnancy helpline received many calls, 10 of which required counseling.
  • We received an ultrasound machine from Flutter for our Mobile Clinic and four of our staff were trained in ultrasounds. We  provided our first 10 ultrasounds to new moms.

A team from LIFE International led a second series of trainings for the leaders who volunteer with us.

  • Journey of a Lifegiver (JOL)
    • This level II training reviewed the challenges our volunteers encountered during our National led training. It also reinforced teachings and increased confidence for our team to expand this JOL training to new pastors and leaders in 2018!
  • Post abortive counseling
    • This level II training helped our volunteers who work with our crisis phone line problem solve calls and questions.

House of Refuge | Life Program

At the beginning of the year we received an ultrasound machine that was donated to us from Flutter.  

June, Amanda, Busisiwe and Aimee were able to receive training on the use of the machine, early detection of pregnancy and measuring for dates with volunteers allowing us time to “practice”.  

Additional training was done through a pregnancy center in Springs to observe and hone our skills so we are better able to interpret what we are seeing.

To date we have be able to perform 10 ultrasounds and it has been such a blessing to see the joy on the mother’s faces when they see their babies on the screen.

If you would like to partner with the House of Refuge programs click here, your support will help us to support and spread the message of life to more in 2018.



Puleng and Rosemary

On August 22, Rosemary Mlotshwa received her first call on our Pregnancy Center Helpline.  Here is her amazing testimony of life change and a life saved.

Expectation is something that is wonderful and it has power; sitting and waiting for the phone to ring gives you much power to have patience.  So that’s what I did.  I waited…and waited…and practiced patience.  Until it happened!

Late one afternoon I got our first call from a young lady who was pregnant, scared, and was concerned about getting help for an abortion.  When the phone first rang, I’ll admit I panicked at bit.  But then I took a deep breath, remembered the training I received, took out my training document, and answered the phone with a shaking voice.

Fortunately, God was there with us in that moment.  He picked me up, made me strong, and calmed my fears.  The girl’s voice was shaking and she spoke very fast.  She was nervous, afraid, and desperate for help with an abortion.  I managed to calm her down by the grace of God, and after talking with her she agreed to meet for an appointment the following day.

This was as new for me as it was for her.  We both were scared.  But I also knew that it was a divine appointment from God.  On my way to the appointment I prayed, studied my notes, prayed, and studied some more.  Then my phone rang and my heart dropped thinking she was calling to cancel.  Instead it was just to confirm where to meet.

I was happy to finally be in the field and to be used by God to help someone, but at the same time it’s hard to be happy while someone is desperate and scared and sad.

We met at the church, and in a warm and beautiful office started talking…and talking.  I did my part by applying what I had learned, and God did his working in her heart and changing her mind.  After a long, difficult chat she decided to keep her baby.  I was so proud of her.

Together we saved a life that day.

Through this call, I learned more about love, patience and life.  Life begins even before a child is in the womb, and every life is precious to God, our Creator.  I thank God for bringing me this deeper revelation.  I thank God for the training I received both in the classroom and in the field.  And I thank God for the opportunity to save lives.

While I am changing someone’s life, it’s surely changing mine as well.

Please pray for Rosemary and our other helpline workers – for strength, wisdom, patience and love as they answer the call.  And if you can help sustain the work they are doing, please visit our strategic giving page and select House of Refuge.