It’s that time again….

Pages opened, thoughts flowed, pens have written and re-written as hearts have poured out their story.

Only those who dare, share.

Our fourth Intermediate and second High School Creative Writing Competition has arrived. Essays have been read by five judges and the top stories selected. Now begins preparations.

Our team will meet the young authors and their families for interviews starting this weekend.

It is an honour for us to visit and help them share their lives, their stories through this competition. We hope our videos will capture and introduce these gifted students to you, as well as provide a fun and captivating background to our award celebration in October.

Pray for Amanda and Thabang as they make home visits and interview both the writer and their family. 




Africa Trip_2 2013-333

For the first time ever our FlashPoint program will be hosting an assembly tomorrow in a neighboring township, Khalanyoni. Our coach team in partnership with a former coach will be bringing God’s love and His purpose for the students of Kgethatsebo school. They will cover, among other things, our Living on Purpose curriculum, HIV/AIDS education and abstinence.

We are all very excited for this open door and are grateful for God’s leading in this.

Will you pray for this school and students that…

  • their hearts would be receptive to the message the coaches will be bringing,
  • Khotso (former coach) will have the opportunity to continue supporting them,
  • the coaches will receive favor as the teach and safety as they travel,
  • relationships be build with the school body,
  • the coaches as well as the learners will have fun throughout.

God is good!




However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. Acts 20:24

What I like about my work is that it gives me an opportunity to talk about God’s gift of love for us; I get to teach young people in different schools about how important it is to know that we have unmerited favor and how embracing this gift is all God has ever wanted for each of us.

When I was a youngster, we didn’t receive information like this at all, God’s Word seemed more like a “theory” than something I could actually live out daily. The teachings I receive now are the kind that equip you to prosper in everything you set your mind on.

Sharing my testimony with the learners encourages them to never give up. To never doubt themselves and be bold as the God in them is greater than any man of this world.

I am truly blessed! 

Seeing learners discover God’s love in their own lives, re-ignites in me the passion to continue teaching  and helps me grow spiritually.


Mali (Nomali) Kubeka has been a coach with Ignite South Africa for two and a half years. She currently teaches in 8 schools bi-weekly, with 0ver 300 students. Mali, the youngest of 5 in her home, experienced a changed life in grade 11. Because of this she desires to serve youth and provide opportunities for them to learn, grow, and become whom God created. 

Follow these links to read about our Flashpoint program, look at our curriculum, or check out photos in the schools.



we are the branch. he is the vine

The seed is only of benefit if it is planted. Just like the Word of God, it should be planted in our hearts.

What I like about my job is that it exposes me to a lot of spiritual growth and develops my leadership skills. I get to teach learners and share my past with them.

Also, walking side by side with each learner to discover his/her goals and dreams and bring them to know God and His Kingdom , makes my job so much more than a job. As does helping learners who suffer by motivating them through the Word of God, that is a humbling experience.

Knowing God and doing His will motivates me even more when I see learners inspired and growing in a Godly way.

This job waters my soul, it provides spiritual food and growth for me and I make it a point that I am on time in everything so that I can take in as much as I can and go out and share with others.


Aaron Sibaya is a Flashpoint Coach teaching and mentoring over 300 students bi-weekly. His passion for the youth of Qwa Qwa is evident in the time he spends preparing for class, and sharing with students outside of the classroom as well. If you want to support Aaron, and the work he does with the youth, you may do so by following this link!




Our educator workshops have been going well.  Educators have enjoyed discovering their DISC personality styles, and learning to better appreciate and interact with those who are different.

When we asked educators what they enjoyed about the workshop, here is what some of them shared.

“I enjoyed the workshop a lot, we knew that different people have different personalities but getting to know how they operate was a huge revelation. I also learnt that it is important to use each ones personality to build up the school, we must help and co-operate with each other because this will also help the learners in the school.” – Mr. Matlakala S.J

“I really enjoyed learning about others and how to accept their personalities as we know we are unique.  I really enjoyed it because I am now aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I can work on them too.” – Motsapi M.E

“I enjoyed how D,I,S,C are working. I did not really know myself. After this workshop I know myself and I will be able to pick up which personalities my learners have, as well as my children at home.” – Modikeng P.E

“Getting to know my personality better and how to relate to other people who have different personalities was really enjoyable. I am also delighted to know how I will interact with my learners from different personalities.” – Mokoena M.M

“The workshop was very interesting. I didn’t know myself quite as much as I thought I did. It has also come to me that learners are not the same and are all different, meaning my teaching style should be accommodating to all learners.” – a teacher

Please joining us in praying for our local teachers and principals as they apply what they’ve learned in their classrooms and in their lives.




We are passionate about the Schools, Students, and Educators of Qwa Qwa .

The last two weeks Busisiwe and June have spent time in the schools, with the Educators.
As part of our new collaboration we are providing multiple educator workshops throughout the year. This quarter the topic is personality styles and communication. The workshops have been an overwhelming success and a lot of fun as the teachers discover their unique styles, and that of their peers.

Here are a few comments:

I enjoyed the workshop because I have learnt more about how to deal with different people. This workshop has helped me on dealing with different children from different backgrounds. It has helped me on how to impress my boss too, keep up the good work, you have opened  our eyes. –      Malimabe M.E

The explanation of the personalities and the practical activity on personality system analysis I really enjoyed. The facilitators were well prepared and focused, they did their job really well. The practical engagement made me realize what kind or type of a person I am. What I have learnt today as a teacher made me understand the type of learners I deal with daily in the classroom. This was really enjoyable, an eye opener and very fruitful. – Masangane M

I really enjoyed the workshop. I learned a lot as a teacher and as a pastor. Dealing with a group of people can be demanding, so knowing how to handle different personality is really a bonus. – Ramathe J.J

It opened my eyes to the realization of my true self-Identity. Moreover it also made me to understand different character traits.With learners at Secondary Level, the workshop and the material could help educators come to a better understanding of the learners as well. – Maholele P.C

The Workshops will continue through March as we visit all of our schools. Join us in praying that the Educators are refreshed, encouraged, and learn new tools to use in their lives and classrooms.




“I was a child who was born with love and care. I knew nothing about life, I was always happy like any other child, not knowing that is going on. When I was born, 20 years ago, I know that a birth of any child is a symbol of love. It is glue that binds parents together. To my parents I was supposed to be like a rose that needed to be nurtured so that I can grow like any other child.

However, three years into this world, things began to change. Although I could not understand because I was still a child, the long absence of my father was enough to indicate that something was wrong. All this began when my mother moved out and took us, my sister and me, to go and live with her at her parents’ house. We stayed there for two years without seeing my father. When I turned five, it became clear to me that my mother and father were no longer staying together. During that time the discussion in the house was all about divorce. This was one word that was to change my life. It all came up with good and bad experiences that made me what I am today.

Sadly in 1996, my parents finally divorced. We were taken back to my father to live with him. In 1997 my father remarried, this marriage came as a blessing in disguise. What was good about this marriage was that my stepmother treated us equally and she did not make us feel like outsiders. I learned so many things from her, for example, I managed to know more about how to be a woman and not just a woman; but a strong one, who can manage any battle of life. I can become a teacher to my other siblings, without her life would have been a mess, I think.

Once a love of a mother is missing, one feels a hole in life even though there is a substitute. Believe me when I say you will still miss her no matter how happy you are. The sooner you realize that she is not there you will miss her. This is what had happened to my life during her absence. My mother passed away in 2010, I never got to know her very well because in 2005 when we were reunited, it was a short time.

Although it was sad when my mother passed away, the experience made me to be more attached to my stepmother. When I grew up I knew stepmothers to be cruel and only loving their own children. During life with her I then realised that not all stepmothers are bad in life. I learned that to love someone is a very special thing. During the bond of my stepmother and me, I learned a lot. I know that life is about challenges that one has to overcome. She made me what I am today, so having a stepmother was a blessing in my life.

My life experience without my mother was a sad one but my stepmother made me to achieve what I have today. It is sad and painful to grow without a mother who carried you for nine months. It was sad but after three years of separation between my mother and father I stayed happily until today. I am proud of my stepmother for she was always there for me in bad and good times. I thank God for giving me her as my pillar of strength.”

Nhlapo Thembekile (pictured on the right)

Grade 11, Tshibollo Secondary School

Second Place, High School Creative Writing Competition




This week it has been all-hands-on-deck as we print, bind, count and package books for our FlashPoint program which begins a new school year next week.  While our home and office are a total mess, our excitement runs high as we look forward to delivering these books into the hands of almost 4000 students at 13 Intermediate schools over the next two weeks.

Relevant topics.  Practical teachings.  Absolute truth from the Word of God.

We are so grateful for the generous support that has made this possible, including a grant from Old Mutual here in South Africa, and a mission team from World Race who are helping with the huge task.

Here is what our FlashPoint students will be learning this year.  You can click on the link to see the curriculum itself.

Grade 7:  Living on Purpose (God created you for a purpose)

Grade 8:  Save Sex (AIDS and abstinence education)

Grade 9:  Break the Silence (Revealing the truth on hot topics facing youth)

Please pray for this week – our staff and mission team working on books, our coaches preparing for classes.

Please pray also for next week – for smooth book delivery, for our coaches as they begin teaching, and for our students as they return for another great year!




Congratulations to Moloi Tshepang, a grade 9 student at Khothalang Intermediate School.  Tshepang was the Intermediate School First Place winner in our recent Creative Writing Contest.

“I have always been a talker and I have been classified as forward. My name is Tshepang Moloi, I am 15 years old and I am in 9th grade. The mounds of flesh on my face have caused me a lot of trouble; I knew how to use my mouth but not necessarily in the correct way.

I arrived at junior high in the year 2012 and yes I was still talking a lot, giving other children inappropriate nicknames, tagging them and being very rude to them with talkativeness and with a sassy attitude. When other children talked about me I did not care, I just told them where to get off.

In the same year our principal announced at the assembly that there was a campaign that would be coming at the school twice every month. We were not that excited; the idea of spending extra time at school was not fun. The day came when they would come and teach us; when they arrived we heard the grade 9s grunting.

When we were grouped together as the grade 7s in one class our facilitators came to us. What was rolling in my mind was that oh God it’s going to be one of those campaigns where they tell us to become engineers and doctors and not talking into consideration what children want. But to my surprise the first question they asked was, what do you want to be when you grow up? I really didn’t expect that because other campaigns will start with, be a doctor, it has money. After asking the question they did not question our choices; actually they wished us luck in pursuing our dreams. They actually cared for what we wanted. That day I walked home alone and really meditated on what had happened that day.  I smiled alone; I could not wait for the next Monday.

The year went on and they gave us honourary certificates. It was one of many but I treasured it dearly. The next year I could not wait for Ignite and finally it came; my facilitator was sister Disebo. She once took me aside and said you talk too much and I was a bit ashamed. But she said to me that it was my talent to use it wisely. I always liked her so I decided to listen and debate and maybe recite poems to help children who are like me. I changed for the better; this solution was awesome. I could both be talkative and get attention; finally I realized my full potential.

In the past three years, Ignite covered all the bases of a teenager’s life. Ignite went from teaching about religious education to sexual advances to life in alcohol and drugs. They were very relaxed when they taught us these things. In return we were also relaxed and listened to whatever they taught us.

My life was not the only one that was impacted in a good way; I imagine that in all the schools that Ignite rotates at least one child’s life changes for the better. I am sure that there are many kids out there who feel like me. I am also certain that there are children out there who would like to become like the mentors.

This has been Moloi Tshepang writing an essay on how awesome you are and how awesome you guys made my life as awesome as you are. I would like to shake hands with the founder of this campaign; you are really reaching high standards and truly breaking the silence with the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you Ignite for everything.”




As the school year is ending, students are looking forward to their summer break – sleeping in late, playing with friends, and enjoying the warm, sunny days.  We’re looking forward to our year end celebration with our FlashPoint coaching team.  What a great way to celebrate the year and thank and bless our team for all their hard work!

In addition, FlashPoint Director Busisiwe Mosia already has her sights on the 2015 school year.  This week and next she will be visiting schools to thank them, share about this year’s successes and to begin planning for next year’s program.

Our heart for FlashPoint is to sow even deeper within our local schools.  To do so, we are striving to increase collaboration, encouragement and training among the teachers, as well as increase coach involvement with the student leadership bodies.

Last week June and Busisiwe met with the Director of the Department of Education to discuss these ideas.  She was thrilled for the increased collaboration given that FlashPoint has already made such a difference in the lives of their learners.

So while we’re excited for the holiday break, we’re even more excited for 2015!

Please pray for Busisiwe as she meets with local teachers, that they feel valued and encouraged and also excited for the upcoming year.