Our Strategy

South Africa is a country with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Extreme poverty, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the residual effects from apartheid fuel a sense of hopelessness that only the truth and love of God can eradicate. Extreme poverty, HIV/AIDs and other societal problems grip this nation creating a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness to make a difference.

Among the Basotho people of South Africa,

• one in four people are infected with HIV
• 90% of the pastors have no formal training
• 88% of the people are unemployed
• 69% of the youth do not graduate high school

South Africa is also a country of limitless potential. As the most developed nation on the continent, South Africa’s influence is far-reaching and this country is keenly positioned to turn the tide for Africa with Godly next generation leaders. It is behind the eyes of South Africa’s citizens that we see God’s divine purpose in modeling, equipping, multiplying Godly leaders who will not ignore the challenges that have crippled this nation, but who will counter them with the truth and hope given by God.

Igniting lasting change in South Africa starts with launching godly leaders, and we aim to accomplish this by:

FlashPoint School Outreach
In partnership with South Africa’s Department of Education, we mentor at-risk youth through leadership training, HIV/AIDS prevention, and life skills development through our FlashPoint program.

Enrich Pastoral Development
We mentor and equip church leaders through training conferences, workshops, small group study, and one-on-one discipleship.

Village Discipleship Classes
We train believers through weekly discipleship classes and equip them to minister to others.

Mission Team Hosting
Local churches and communities are strengthened when mission teams come to serve them.  We host mission teams from churches, youth groups, and other organizations around the world.