Hope Programs

Ignite’s answer to the vulnerable children and rape crisis affecting South Africa is their Hope Program. It’s all about life.

Within the rural areas of Qwa Qwa orphaned children are 1 in 4.  We also know that orphaned and at-risk girls are especially prey to sexual exploitation (for food, toiletries etc), abuse, and trafficking.   Their situation seems hopeless and when they find themselves pregnant desperation often results.  Our answers…

The Pregnancy Helpline: 

This 24-hour call line provides crisis intervention and support for any experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  A caller can expect to receive a listening ear, understanding, and an opportunity to meet one on one to receive information and life-giving alternatives.

The House of Refuge Maternity Home:

The Home provides safe housing for at-risk pregnant teens without available support systems. While living in the home they can expect to:

  • Participate in daily home functioning
  • Continue their education in school
  • Participate in the Home’s various classes
  • Learn job skills
  • Mentor with an older woman

The Hope Mobile Pregnancy Clinic:

The Hope Clinic travels into the rural areas of Qwa Qwa providing free services. Services include pregnancy counsel and testing, limited sonograms, and health education on a variety of topics such as pregnancy/childbirth, parenting and even a men’s class.

Life Leader Volunteers:

Our trained Life Leaders are available to speak at schools, workplaces, churches and in the communities free of charge.

Topics include but not limited to: Life in the womb, Abortion, Marriage and family

Additional services include:

  • Adoption counseling and support services
  • Community education programs on pregnancy and childbirth,  parenting tips amongst others.
  • Training for volunteers and support staff