…imparting God’s help, leading, and divine destiny to every student!

Impact Classes

  • Our 6-week classes, taught in English will help learners grow in language and life skills, HIV/AIDS education, critical thinking and leadership development.
  • Taught by Coaches- local men and women with a passion to model what they teach and equip the youth, are trained and mentored to teach.
  • Our Creative Writing Competition involves all schools in which we teach. All students are invited to write in English their life story thereby improving their language skills as they express themselves. This event has helped to identify students in crisis and has recognized others who are gifted yet do not excel in traditional classes.

Assemblies: Intermediate and High School

  • Our group assembly is 45-60 min and will provide testimonies and encouragement to the entire school based on the school’s topic of choice.
  • Our classroom assembly extends into smaller groups, classroom style, teaching our biblically based Living on Purpose, Save Sex or No Excuse HIV curriculum.

RCL Leadership Mentoring

  • The RCL’s are the student leadership body which an Ignite Coach works closely with throughout the school year.
  • This monthly meeting with the school RCL’s allow the coach to teach and aid the leaders in applying key leadership principles as they impact change within their school.

Educator Workshops

  • Our 2 hour workshops are designed specifically for those teaching the youth. They have been stated to motivate and refresh the educators providing them with new ideas and encouragement. Workshop titles provided in the past include; Personalities and Communication, Team Building, Burn Out, and Learner Challenges.

Individual Meetings and Consultation

  • We are available to meet with students experiencing behavioural challenges in class, truancy, drugs, abuse etc. to help identify learning challenges and help students succeed.
  • We are available for consultation and after the meeting we will investigate best practices to provide you with a list of resources or support services that are available to your school.


  • The curriculum focuses on language and life skill attainment, HIV/AIDS prevention, critical thinking and leadership development. The curriculum is biblically based and centered on God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and purpose. It has been written to specifically address the needs of this region in a Christ-centered way. It is all about doing life God’s way in relation to the subject being taught.

The FlashPoint classroom curriculum  includes:

Living on Purpose God created you for a purpose, let’s investigate what that is and begin dreaming!
Save Sex  Friendship and relationship focused with emphasis on saving sex until marriage.
Break the Silence Critical thinking on hot topics facing youth as truths are exposed.
No Excuse  Our HIV/AIDS education which includes transmission, pathology, prevention and care

Ways you may become involved in our FlashPoint program include: