Ignite South Africa

Ignite South Africa, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S.A. and NPO/PBO in South Africa. This is our passion and what we do, we would love it if you want to join us to;


We believe in people.
We invest our time and resources to equip men and women, regardless of age, to be the leaders that God created them to be. This is accomplished through AIDS prevention and leadership training in the public schools of Qwa Qwa, and community outreaches that center on discipleship and the duplication of godly leadership.

We believe in team work.
Ignited with a passion for people, and a desire to have them become the leaders God intended, Ignite South Africa’s team consists of nationals who are passionate about changing their nation with the love of God, of those transplanted to South Africa to fulfill the vision of Ignite, and you who partner with us from abroad.

Join our team, invest in people, change a nation.

Learn more about our mission, strategy, faithour staff, or read our 2013 Year End Report!