Guest Blogger: Jill Marshall

“You complete me.” Whose heart didn’t just melt when Jerry Maguire dug deep into his soul and poured out these words to Dorothy, played by Renee Zellweger? And what woman (or man if he’s willing to admit) doesn’t long for the exact same thing?

To be complete. To feel complete. For someone or something to complete them.

I know I do.

In Colossians 1:28, Paul’s goal is to proclaim and teach the gospel so that everyone may be presented complete in Christ. Colossians 2:10 says that we are complete in Christ. Some translations use the word perfect.

So often I focus on the things that I’m lacking or have lost along the way. My flaws and scars. My fading beauty and energy. Goals not yet accomplished. Dreams deferred or destroyed altogether.

Then I try to rally by cultivating gratitude and “counting my blessings.” By focusing on what I do have rather than what I don’t. That works for about a minute, then it floats away and I’m back to beating myself up. This time with “ungrateful” added to my list of flaws. Ugh! Have you ever done this, or am I the only one?

What do the things I’m grateful for and the things that I lack have in common? They are things! Separate from me and even contradictory to who God says I am. They neither make me complete nor detract from being complete because they have nothing to do with it.

The truth is that I already am complete. With or without my 20-year old body. With or without a spouse or full bank account. With or without accomplishments, accolades or promotions. With or without Instagram followers or 1000 Facebook friends.

The truth is that I am complete. Because my Father, my Creator, my Lord and Savior says that I am.

And if you’ve surrendered your life to Christ, you are too!

Lord, you complete me. Thank you that I am complete because you are complete, and you are in me. Help this truth sink deep into my soul. And may it fuel joy, gratitude, confidence and power in my life. Amen.

Pastors, leaders and youth need to know they are complete in Christ, and in Christ alone. If you can help us reach them with this truth, please click here.

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