We finally did it!

Our first Hope mobile pregnancy clinic  was held on the 15th and 16th of February.  We have been particularly excited about this initiative because of our holistic approach.

While the Hope Clinic offers free pregnancy counseling and testing, it has two standout features that are unusual.  The first is our ability to offer limited sonograms on site.  We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity this provides and joy it brings to new parents.

The second is our classes. 

Health education classes are rare to nonexistent in the area of pregnancy, childbirth or parenting especially in rural areas.

As a culture it is often thought that these issues are too personal or private to discuss. In addition, so many are without a mother who might “hand down” birthing and child-care tips. Amanda also points out that in most African cultures you are not taught how to parent or deal with parental issues, you learn as you go.

While the public clinics would like to do more education and prevention, it is simply not possible because of the sheer number of people needing help and time limitations.  

Therefore, to augment the work already being done, we developed curricula to meet these needs in our pregnancy/childbirth and parenting classes.

As the Hope Clinic, our focus is holistic and designed to ensure we have time  for these additional essentials.
Therein lies our excitement…



Update: We discovered an additional level of approval with the Health Department was required for testing.  Therefore, our Hope Clinic only provided classes to those attending as we await final approval. Please join us in praying that approval is expedited and available by March 23, our next scheduled clinic date.


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