Congratulations to Malekitlane, our first place winner in the Creative Writing Competition.

Malekitlane’s essay is heartbreaking as she shares her story of abuse and subsequent lack of support/belief. As the #MeToo campaign exposed, the number of us reading it who will relate would be shocking.  Because of that, we are especially grateful to this young girl who chose to speak out again rather than continuing to live in the silence that permeates abuse and molestation throughout the world.

This time Malekitlane’s voice was heard. First by us and then we joined her to share it with her family once again.  Together we celebrate the restoration and forgiveness that was gifted to this family because of one 12 year old girl’s bravery in the midst of pain.  Here is her story:

First, I didn’t want to talk about the secret I have been hiding, and don’t want to talk, but I realise that I have to break the silence.

When I was ten years old, my uncle always ask me about one of my friends, Mary(alias), how old she is.  Anyway, I told him that Mary is still a child because I know that uncle like little kids.

On 5 September 2015 on Saturday I was about to go to the party at my cousin’s place.  When I was busy bathing he entered at my bedroom without knocking that I ask him what he want, he said “Can we play a bed game?”.  I ask him what kind of game is that a wrestling, a soccer or what?  He smiled and say “sex”.  I started to be afraid as I was naked I took my gown and run to the kitchen.  He locked the door then took off my gown and rape me.  I was very afraid to tell my mother and I decided to keep this inside and don’t tell anyone about it.

Then after raping me he forced me to steal my mother’s R100 so that he can go to the party with a new hair style and pocket money but I refuse to do that.  I started to think that he can kill me because he was just having few weeks at home after being bailed. (and) The thing is I have looked everywhere I can find, but nowhere money to be found.  He ask me not to tell anyone about that otherwise he is going to kill me or bury me alive.

Then I wear a full dress because I didn’t want to be raped again.  When I arrived there I pretend as if there is nothing happened then I make a song for my cousin.  When I see my uncle coming I started to have a sad face and he came closer to me and my friend and I started to have eyes full of tears through my cheeks.

Then one day I told my sister about what happened but she couldn’t believe my side of the story and she told my mom about what I have told her but my mom couldn’t believe it too.  They made a family meeting where by me and my uncle have to tell them the truth.  I told them everything but they didn’t believe me they just believed my uncle when he said he is innocent.  I told everyone at home that I won’t forgive my uncle and forget what he did to me. I told him that I hate him like a waste product and I really mean what I am saying.

On November 2016 I was awarded as 2nd position achievement learner in Miri Primary School.  I was not happy because my uncle did want to ruin my future.  These days uncle play as a happy family, I really hate to see that my own sister who was always supporting me she is now believing everyone except me.  And I wonder why my mom didn’t open a case for him.

Now, may God bless (my) uncle to see all success in life and I really want to thank Ignite people since they come in my life, my life has changed.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story Malekitlane, and allowing us to walk with you in your healing.

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