Aimee Hurtubise joined us in 2015 as Director for the House of Refuge and has helped to bring us to where we are today- opening the Maternity Home. During the past two years she states that God has brought her on a journey regarding her calling that she wanted to share…

“You see, I have always known that finances and administration came easy to me however, I questioned whether that was enough. ¬†When I accepted the role of Director, people would ask where I see us in a few years and I didn’t have an answer. I thought that was something I should be able to do, envision our future. When I could not picture it I started to question if I was a leader.

Yet during this time I also began to see how special my personal gifting is and though it comes easy to me, for many it does not. As I embraced the knowledge of who God created me to be, rather than what I felt I was “supposed” to do, I no longer felt inadequate regarding my leadership skills. I realised I was trying to fit into a role that was not mine. Though very different in nature, I now know that my gifts are also vital to the growth and health of our organisation.

I learned that God has gifted me in administration and finances which is equally as important as that of the visionary, which is not my gifting.  Today when I look to my future and this new role I accepted I am excited. I know I am able to do the job well and though there is a little nervous excitement stepping into a new area, I know I will be stretched in areas I am already strong in.

I look forward to being involved and a part of the future of Ignite South Africa in all her areas of ministry!”

Help us welcome Aimee in her new position as the Finance Director for Ignite South Africa. We envision a bright future with her as part of our senior leadership team!



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  1. Charlene Root posted on June 17, 2017 @ 1:58 am

    Congratulations Aimee!
    It is so exciting to see how God uses our talents to do his work. All the gifts are useful and needed to work together to fulfill the mission. This was something that became very evident to me this January when we visited our missionaries in Rwanda. And we see it in our church body too.
    All the best as you serve in this new position for Ignite South Africa.


    Aimee Hurtubise posted on June 21, 2017 @ 10:47 am

    Thanks Charlene!


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