The sanctity of life message has always resonated with us however, in 2014 it became a passion amongst a group of our pastors and leaders as well.

It all happened after LIFE International provided a church leader training.  Approximately 30 of the attendees continued to meet as a group every other month to discuss how to impact their communities.

Why would this be important?

Because of the signs.  The signs that litter every pole and every bare space advertising pain free abortions as the option for unplanned pregnancies.

Because of the pain.  The pain that can be seen in so many faces.

Additionally, the Department of Health 2011 statistics report that the Free State Province (ours), leads in the number of legal abortions per year by over 9,000. They also report that legal abortions (this number) only accounts for 42% of all abortions within South Africa.

Because of all these factors, for the next two weeks we have asked LIFE International to equip our team to support and help the many who are post abortive, or those who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. Our team desires to reflect God’s love and heart as we walk alongside men and women who are struggling with these life-decisions.

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