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Rampai Teboho, grade 9, Khothalang
Ignite South Africa was like nothing to me. I was always bored when I see them coming to our school, every time. I didn’t mind it until I see some of my friends changing their attitude.

We were calling ourselves “lover” – boys with many girls.
But after Ignite educated them they started changing in everything – started focusing on their work.

Our educator was not just an educator but he was a motivator. He always advised and motivated us.
I now know that sex is not just fun with your girlfriend, it has lots of regrets afterward even if you use a condom.  Now, I have chosen to save sex until marriage.

Thank you Ignite. I will always believe in everything you gave us especially to live on purpose not on making friends happy.

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Ignite South Africa, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States as well as a NPO/PBO in South Africa. As you partner with us you will be sowing into God’s Kingdom work in South Africa, supporting our ministry programs such as Flashpoint that this young man attended.

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