Intermediate#3Motloung Matadiana, Tswelang- Pele Senior Phase School

My name is Motloung Matadiana and I am 15-years-old. I live in Comet. Comet is in Makwane. I have 2 brothers named Khopo and Hlehla, unfortunately I am now left with Khopo (The eldest) because Khehlo passed away this year. My parents names were Mamosele (Mother) and Mphatsi (Father) but they have also passed away. My brother promised my parents that he would take good care of me even if they were no longer with us. We are very lucky because we have a very solid support structure, which includes my cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandmother. They always comfort us and supply us with everything I need. I always thank God for giving us such good relatives.

I grew up like every other child in the streets of Comet, I had plenty of friends but amongst them, all there was my best friend. One person I know I can always look up to when I feeling hurt, confused and lonely. We would play until late then our mothers would call us home. Before my mother passed away, she used to wash me and make sure I changed clothes regularly. My wonderful father was quite strict because he would always tell me that I must always be at home before the sun sets. I always thought they were not being fair towards me by throwing such hard and compulsory rules to follow.

As I grew up, I encountered many difficult challenges, which I wish no child should go though. Before my parents passed away, they would always fight both verbally and physically, and then we would just hear the sound of a police vehicle coming to the rescue, stopping the fighting. The police would always ask my brothers and I if we would rather go live with our grandparents in Bolata, my brothers said they would rather stay at home with my dad whilst I chose to leave with my mother. This meant that I had to adapt to a different environment, make new friends and attend a different school.

My father would come repeatedly to my mother for forgiveness then my mother would forgive him and move back with him. This meant that I had to stay behind at my grandparents. I was a very strong and determined child so none of this happening affected my schoolwork.

My mother then passed and my father followed three years later. My brothers and I were deeply hurt, but we knew that we had to be strong and we needed to stand up from this horrible fall, get up and dust ourselves. After just 5 months, my older brother passed away unexpectedly. We almost lost all hope in life ever being normal again but we encouraged each other that; at least we still had each other. We let God be our soul provider and He provided.

Even though my parents and older brother passed away, I am proud to say because of all the motivation, encouragement and believing in me has helped me obtain an award in grade 5 and the title of top learner. In grade 6, I managed to obtain five awards from different subjects and get the top learner title again. Just as many had thought my luck had ended in grade 7 I obtained; 6 awards and I was crowned top achiever! I was very happy because all of those awards were to show that hard work and staying focused pays off.

All of the things that happened in my life taught me very important facts about life that God never lets His children’s hard work and determination vanish, but instead He rewards them. I also learnt that I must always prepare myself because I do not know what the future holds.

I wish that many people would believe that God, The almighty really exists because Motloung Matadiana Samuel has experienced His mercy and love. Even though I have lost the majority of my family, The Lord had the mercy to leave me with my oldest brother and restored my soul, filled it with ambition and hope.
I am a strong and disciplined child because of the tough way I grew up.

Thank you Ignite for letting me express my emotions and for making me see that I can always talk to my paper whenever I am down.

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  1. Matadiana posted on January 20, 2019 @ 4:50 am

    Can’t believe it’s been almost four years already.Proud to have finished my matric last year with two distinctions and have registered to study engineering (Electrical and Electronics) at the University of Johannesburg


    Ignite South Africa posted on May 13, 2019 @ 9:41 am

    So excited for you, congratulations on your distinctions and graduation! Praying your continued study in your field of choice, may you accomplish every God-dream!


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