We have wrapped up another year of FlashPoint Classes, where we have the privilege of teaching grade 7,8 and 9 students throughout the year.

Our 2015 FlashPoint staff of 12 taught in 15 different schools and reached 3,316 students with God’s love and truth. Of those 3,316 students 2,903 graduated our class (88%) meaning they missed no more than two classes throughout the year.

But it’s more than just numbers it’s all about the impact our coaches are making in lives, here is what a couple of our students had to say:

Rammoane Dieketseng, grade 9, Khothalang
Ignite changed my life in a lot of ways. Before the lesson 9 in the book of BTS I was held in my past. The truth is that I lost my virginity due to rape. I didn’t realize that I made a mistake by not telling my parents. So BTS helped me to put my past where it belonged.

I know I did a lot of wrong things and I blamed myself. Because of the teaching I did blood test and luckily found that I’m HIV negative. I would like to thank Ignite South Africa for helping me to put my past where it belongs.

Khumalo Zandi, grade 8, Bolata
Since Ignite South Africa has arrived at our school; many lives have changed, not only lives but also behavior and manner of approach. We are now changed people. It taught me to save sex until marriage and gave me reasons to do so. What I like most about Ignite South Africa is that we are free to talk about our lives regardless the situation, we can help each other now that Ignite South Africa is there; which is a huge change because we did not do that in the past.

Ignite South Africa taught me to be confident, caring, and always willing to help. I now understand so much about life and well-being. It really changed me compared to how I used to be. Ignite has brought a new me and I am better since I attended Ignite.

Setho Reitumetse, grade 7, Mamosa
Ignite SA has really changed my life by helping me to realize or know the purpose of being alive and know my passion. When Ignite first came into my life everything changed. I used to be insecure at first, I never accepted my life but when Ignite came into my life everything changed as I learned that I am God’s image and I should accept myself.

I never was able to show my passion to anyone because I was afraid that people would laugh at me but I was taught that I shouldn’t be afraid and then I realized that people loved my poems, then I took a chance.

This is just three of many lives changed through the investment of time and knowledge of our coaches.
All of this is made possible by the prayer and financial support of people like you.

So, thank you for another great year!

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  1. Jacelyn Sauble posted on December 11, 2015 @ 7:11 pm

    ..Way to go team!! Proud of you all, praying for lots of blessings..I loved the testimonies from the students..


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