M Pule-79

Moleboheng Pule is our first place winner for High Schools, here is what she shared.

Living with a crippled single parent is not fun or easy as one can ever think of especially while you are still at school.

I was 12 years old doing grade 6 when my parents got involved in a car accident when crossing the road. My father passed away instantly and my mother was badly injured and taken to the hospital where she was admitted for four months. Then I was forced to live with my drunken aunt who never allowed me to go to school. I was supposed to clean the house, cook and bath her baby and take him to school. Thereafter I would often go to buy her beer at the tavern and that made me enjoy not going to school but to hang around with my drunken aunt and her friends. That was a pretty good time I thought.

My mother was discharged from the hospital late in December. I had to go back home and take care of her. She was a cripple walking with a wheelchair. She couldn’t do anything for herself. Because I was used to cooking and cleaning at my aunt’s place I didn’t mind doing all those things but my mother didn’t like that, she wanted me to focus on school work but I was used to staying at home all day and not going to school anymore. I enjoyed staying at home helping my mother with whatever she needed.

Then it was January and my mother sent me back to school and I had to repeat grade 6, start new friends and that made me hate school even more; thinking that my friends had left me behind was very painful. Sometimes when I was supposed to go to school I would pretend to be sick and not go to school or leave home and hide until all the children were back home then I would come from my hiding place. I was used to hiding instead of going to school until I was noticed as school that I was always absent. Then my mother was sent a letter telling her about my behaviour. She was mad at me I know she was not going to do anything to me as she was a cripple so I took advantage thereof.

My teachers organized a counseling sessions for me because they saw the potential in me. I got counseled for a month and it was fun there because we met different people from different background with different people’s story. It was like I was at home, I enjoyed myself very much. We were told to appreciate ourselves and to do things that would make us better people in the near future. Then I realized that being a drop out would never help me and my crippled mother. So I had to study hard to make the difference in my family and to make my mother proud. I attended school regularly and passed my grade 6.

Then I went to the intermediate school, I did well there. I was good in languages and that made me love debate and poetry but I thought there was no future in that, and then I started to doubt myself until I was told to be a diplomat.  That would allow me to stay in another country to keep good relationship between two governments and being a diplomat needs level 7s in languages and I thought I would fit in and seeing myself in another country speaking different languages, practicing their culture and eating their food would be a pleasure. I couldn’t wait to complete my matric.

Now I am a grade 12 learner who is about to discover what life is like out there. I was motivated from primary school till my secondary school. I even got motivated by my church crew, former learners and my teacher. Now I’m looking forward to realizing my dream and to be a diplomat even if it’s going to be painful to leave my crippled mother behind but it’s for the good cause.

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