Ignite’s Bible School of Excellence is enjoying a busy season right now.

Our Finance class is prepared to graduate in one week, we are mid-term for the Foundations class, and getting ready to kick off Discipleship Training class tomorrow.

Needless to say we have students coming and going!

We have been delighted to see continued growth and life changes in our students. The classes not only teach Biblical truth they also emphasize practical and culturally appropriate application. In fact, one of our goals is to help students learn the discipline of  pacing themselves and begin to practice new habits that will last a lifetime and they state this is happening.

After all, it only takes 21 consecutive days for those new habits to form.

Through all of our courses we anticipate that the students will gain a more intimate relationship with God, mature in character, and be the world influencers that God created them to be.

As always, please join us in praying for our teachers – Thulo, Jill, and  June, and for the students. May God work in the through them all to expand His Kingdom!  

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