Jill Surrender Hill

The Bible often uses running and races as a model for life.  As with any sport, running takes time, discipline, and hard work.  Preparing to race takes even more time, sacrifice, determination and of course, courage.

On Saturday, Jill Marshall will be setting out to conquer Surrender Hill, her first 42.2K or full marathon.  After several months of training, Jill will experience one more previous “impossibility” become possible!

“I’m already both nervous and excited about the race.  I know I have been working hard, but I’m also fearful about the distance and the difficulty rating.  Now I’m just trusting God that He will carry me further and faster than my body wants to go.  With God all things are possible.”

Jill’s journey has been filled with overcoming “impossibilities” of one kind or another. Six years ago that journey led her to South Africa as a missionary, and strengthened her as she helped to co-found Ignite. Today that journey has once again shifted as she prepares to relocate to the States in a few months.

Donating a gift toward this race will be a double blessing to Jill and to Ignite, the charity she helped establish. It will provide the means for us to purchase her bakkie (which we use all the time), which in turn will help finance her transition to life back in America.

Would you consider showing Jill your support and donate a gift, maybe $42 for 42k?
It is guaranteed to bring a two-fold blessing!

Donate Now

Finally, don’t forget to pray!

Pray for safe travels, strong and injury-free running, total trust in God, and for a successful finish.

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