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Our recent Enrich Workshop – God’s Word for Pastors – was a great success.  With relevant topics, candid discussion, and time for personal ministry, our pastors and church leaders were greatly encouraged.  Here is what some of our leaders shared.

I have longed for a message of this nature and I have received it today! I know that I am not the only one faced with these challenges in my church. I realize that forgiveness is the key to releasing a person who made an empty promise to the church, to me as a leader or to me in general.” – Rev. Paul Maleke

“I see that I need God’s grace to live a pure life. Being a leader/ pastor makes me an open target. The session on Pride and Temptations really ministered to me because these are real in my life. The facilitators helped me a lot to realize weakness and the ways Satan uses some…” – Mosikidi Tefo

“I am so happy that we as pastors could have time together, to share the word of God and, share our challenges and uplift each other. In my heart of hearts I wish we could be as one always, in spirit and in mind. I am so grateful to God in the most amazing way! ” –  Rev. S.J Mokoena

“It really built up my faith in God. Not to make empty promises as members of the church or the pastor and focus on God’s promises. It helped me on how to purify myself from temptations. It also reminded me that I have to make time to play, worship, and work and rest as these are all very important.” – N.S.

It is evident from the feedback, that these sessions hit close to home. We are delighted to provide opportunity for the pastors to seek support, and encouragement, from peers to carry on.

Together we can build His Kingdom!

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