Who says life has to be ordinary?
I want to lead a purpose fueled life!

This has been one of my biggest struggles, not knowing what my purpose was in life and not achieving the things God had set out for me.

What happened is that I would listen to everybody else and how they thought my life should play out.
That got me nowhere, except feeling more misdirected, confused and far away from my own self.

This fear left me at a standstill.
Fear is not of God.

The great deceiver Satan steals and destroys everything good in our lives, and if you let him know what your biggest fear is, he will use it to isolate you, encouraging you to settle for second best.

By the grace of God I was reminded that Jesus came and died for all of my (and your) sins.

Our identity is in Him.

God directs our steps, He has a divine plan for our lives and He is willing to direct our steps, when we ask.

If, like me you’re not sure what your purpose is, cling to the many promises God sets out for us in His word. In Roman 12v2 the word says “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect’’

This meant that in order for me to know my vision I must become a woman of spiritual depth, because the dreams and vision for my life were rooted deep down inside of me. Exactly where God placed them.

Like a deep well I can draw them out by aligning myself with God’s perfect will.

By using the Bible as my daily reference; my ‘operator’s guide’, by praying, reading His Word, trusting what it says, resting in the Word and meditating on it (meaning, reciting it until it is a part of me and I believe it.) and rejoicing in it!

Strong commitment brings favor from the Lord.

We need to have faith because persistent faith is pleasing to God and it receives what it needs from God. God cares about all the things I care about, He wants to fulfill my heart’s desires yet because He is a gentleman, He waits upon me to ask.

Today, I am now excited about what the future holds.
I stand firm on the truth that He shall provide all my needs.


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