This year was great for me. The reason why I say that is because I managed to teach in English in the classes that I went to. Also I was able to make personal examples in my teaching so that the learners can understand that I’m also not perfect, I did make mistakes in the past.  I also grew more comfortable and effective in rebuking unruly learners in a loving way, not being hash towards them.

In all the assemblies that we did this year, I enjoyed when we were at Rantsane because there I did my best. I was able to motivate the learners in a way that surprised myself and using English. The teacher was so happy and she stayed in the class from the beginning until the end taking notes; and having time to talk to my learners this year after class.

I motivate them by telling them that a failure is a “wake up call.” It does not mean that they are stupid or they don’t know or they were not listening throughout the year. But it is a chance to take what they’ve learned and improve upon it in order to grow further. I also told them that they must set goals for themselves because if they have goals the goals will motivate them every day to push or press forward.

I rebuked them in a loving way by saying they must stand up and they can only sit down if they answered correctly. The learners responded positively to that and they did exactly what I said.

The testimonies that I got from my learners of Mohale really motivated me so much so that I can push forward and keep up the good work that I do. I thank God so much for giving me strength and wisdom to accomplish this in my classes.

This year I also accepted new responsibilities including learning to supervise people and activities the day of our conferences, and some of the administration during our weekly development meetings. I found out I am also passionate about administrative work.” – Nnini Sibeko, FlashPoint Coach

*For 2015 Nnini accepted a dual role in which she will continue to work in the schools teaching, while also interning with us to learn and assume additional administrative responsibilities.  Way to go Nnini!

Please pray for Nnini and our entire coaching team – for God’s provision and protection, for great times with family and friends, and for spiritual refreshment during the holiday break.

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