Our November workshop was devoted to blessing.
Amazing that we could spend a whole day on one topic, and STILL have more to share and learn…

In fact, the last session challenged them to write a letter of blessing to a family member, plan to read it (out loud) to that person and  leave the handwritten copy with them afterward.  Every pastor and ministry leader accepted the challenge, laid their hand to the pen and….wrote.  

Here are what a few had to share about the day:

“These messages turned (changed) the way I have been speaking to people, and my church. I now realize that word – create. That our words can change our future and direction in life.  I have learned to think before I speak. I will start to practice this in my family, with friends, and in church.” Pastor T. Mosikidi

“Given the opportunity to write a letter of blessing to someone is the first step I believe I took into applying the message. Therefore I will continue to bless and teach others to do the same for now I have seen even deeper how great is the power of a blessing.” Pastor D. Moloi

“The message of today touched me. I can’t even explain the way I am filled up today by God speaking to my heart in a powerful way. God is the God of needs.”  Rev. S.J. Mokoena

“Starting from today I am gonna invite my children over to our home, at least once every month so me and my spouse could bless them and begin to teach them to bless their children as well.”  Anonymous

It was a day that participants claimed they felt blessed, were excited to learn how to bless, and departed ready to share blessings.

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