As many know, packing for a trip can be a challenge.
You must take into consideration the duration of the visit, the climate, the type of events, and so on.

When it is dual focused to include work and holiday, oh the challenge to pack lightly!

Currently, June is in the final countdown and grappling with the various considerations and planning that comes along with even a temporary relocation to the States. She has been meeting with our program directors, finalizing work, graduating classes, scheduling visits with partners, and packing. . .

The dreaded packing.

Although the relocation is only for a couple of months in duration, files, computers, information, photos, and clothing all need to be packed.  While visits, transportation, SIM cards, and other necessities must be organized.

Relief however is promised the moment one enters the plane.

All anxiety falls away as the realization occurs that there is nothing you can do about the items left behind and tasks left undone. It is then that complete focus can be directed on what is to come and life enjoyed in it’s entirety once again!

So, if you know someone who is preparing for a trip, consider lifting them up in prayer and extending mercy as they struggle to “juggle” for a season!

Finally, if you would like to meet with June or have her share with your small group, church, or at any event- send her an email at june@ignitesouthafrica.org or join her at our annual Ignite Gala!

The Ignite Fundraising Gala will be held on September 13 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Invitations will be going out this week, please feel free to share our link when you see them.
The evening will include special music, a plated dinner, and a wealth of interesting items to bid on, in both a silent and live auction, including garden furniture, vacations, designer items, gift cards, dinners, and perhaps even a trip to South Africa.

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