June’s first encounter with South Africa occurred in 2007 while on a mission trip with her home church. As a registered nurse, the AIDS pandemic in this nation spoke to her heart inviting her to join that team.  Unexpectedly, and prior to actually meeting people, getting to know the ministry, or experiencing the culture and country,  God spoke to her spirit as she stepped off the plane that South Africa was to be “home.”  Two years later, she answered God’s call and joined the ministry of Thrive Africa and served as the Director of Leadership Summit.

With over 10 years invested in nurse management and program development, as well as a lifelong passion to mentor and equip others to live the life God created for them, the transition to the mission field was smooth and created a strategic God-combination.  She has a heart that dreams without limits and a mind that navigates practicalities to make the most of every resource and opportunity available to her.

June now serves as the Executive Director of Ignite South Africa and has demonstrated through her service and leadership that she is unequivocally called and equipped to bring God’s message of hope to the most at-risk populations of South Africa.

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  1. Richard Thomas posted on June 30, 2017 @ 5:26 am

    My name is Richard Thomas. I was searching the web and saw your site. My hearts desire is to lead, empower and equip people. Specific those who lost hope and the poorest of the poor. I was looking for Biblical financial training workshops. I initiate Outreaches where we took food parcels to rural communities but saw the need is greater just than food. I would like to know, do you focus on certain areas or the whole of South Africa? I am based in Cape Town, Western Cape.

    God bless

    Thank you

    Richard Thomas
    Cape Town
    Western Cape


    Ignite posted on August 11, 2017 @ 12:53 pm

    Hi Richard, we will be contacting you!


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